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Week 9 run 2 parkrun

Well nearly there. Did my second parkrun to Laura and Julie! Went round a bit quicker... My new (well new to me off fleabay) Garmin Forerunner 10 said I'd managed 5 k in 37:11 mins. 'm happy with that. As I've posted before I'm aiming to complete the last run in C25K on Monday when I turn 51 and my lovely wife has promised me a graduation t shirt!!!

Silly really but I am feeling a bit sad about finishing the course... I can see myself listening to the last weeks "track" for some time. I just hope I can keep this up without a program. I am hoping that I can use parkrun as the next thing to aim at... Reaching 10 park runs and improving my time!

All the best to everyone in "Laura Land".


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That is a great time, very well done indeed :)

I think it's good to have some kind of goal in mind for after the programme has finished. Good luck for your final run, sounds like you've got it in the bag!


In the bag! Now you've jinxed it... Ha ha... I'm right a the back at my local park run but the great thing is there are still volunteers urging you on even when the more serious ones have finished. 2 park runs so very early days. I don't find them easy but it's a great start to the weekend.

Cheers John

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