What a beautiful day!

What a beautiful day!

I was ready for my run today. My 10k training plan wants a faster 5k so I shall do just that. Quick warm up at home and out the door we go. I have a gradual incline to start so slow and steady, breathing getting used to being out. I push past the houses and out onto the main road into the city. Full of cars and pollution my lungs are working hard. I come to the crossing but I hear the ambulance coming. Is it for me? I check myself, breathing good and i am still standing. The ambulance sails by so now I wait for the cars to stop. Green man, yes off I go slow and steady again. Up to the top and a busy roundabout and crossing which I nimbly cross into the common. I relax, the hustle and bustle gone and the quiet common beckons. I watch the birds hop across the path as my feet pad on the hard surface. I take a left and go up and round the hill. Here I see an elderly person sat on the bench watching the world go by. I turn right and press on down the hill, veering on the grass as the workmen resurface the path. A lady with her baby smile as we pass. I have a few niggles, my lace feels looser than I would like but I try to ignore them. Down the hill I run welcoming the cooling wind whilst I watch the students laying on the grass by the glistening lake. I pass by a wheelchair being pushed by carers, how lovely for them to be out in the sunshine. I pass some students who mock me with road runner beeps, oh I wish I was road runner I chuckle! Down past the pub watching couples meandering in for lunch. I turn right onto cemetery road passing parked cars hoping none will pull out on me. Now back into the common past the small lake with swans setting up nests. Round I go waving at a runner I know. I am at the common exit, darn the lights have changed and I jog on the spot waiting to cross. Yes it is time to go again. Past the college full of students who like to block your way. But wait, the ice cream van is on the other side as are the students, yippee I am running home free. My pace looks great my breathing is deeper so a 5k pb looks on. I pick up my pace to get back home. I did it! But I missed my pb as I had to wait for an ambulance and at the crossing. I would have been just under 30 minutes but not today. A pace of 9.55 was fab and i had a beautiful run.


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  • Sounds wonderful! :) I had a walk around the park at lunchtime (as did most of the university employees, I think!), and only partially envied the many many runners. It's a bit warm for me today, so I'm looking forward to a run when it's a bit cooler this evening. But well done you - and a great time too! :)

  • Great post H, sounds fab (apart from the gobby youths).

    New sunglasses?

  • They are some old sports sunglasses that slip a bit. I now have some new sunrise thirst ones that have yet to go out! Looking forward to trying them.

  • Wow, so beautifully described I felt I was running with you!

  • That sounds like a great run and just what I needed to read as I recover from surgery for a few days! Felt like I was out there runnning with you๐Ÿ™‚. You've got me thinking about sunglasses now as well - I have never had a pair of sunglasses to run in...might have a little search online later!

  • Nothing like a bit of running gear shopping whilst you are surfing the couch! I find sunglasses stop me squinting in the sun when running. It's like I can be anyone whilst hiding behind my glasses lol.

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