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W9R1 done...but Laura deserted me!

I don't believe it, Laura has been with me for all these runs and today the podcast stopped during the last five minutes of running. I know my route well enough to be confident I finished the 30 mins but I do love to hear Laura say "you can slow down now ". Played it through when I got home and it was OK so fingers crossed for my final two runs.

Anyway, back to the run ... it was soo hard but no harder than W8 so perhaps I can look at that as progress. A beautiful morning for a run albeit a bit chilly.

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Something very similar happened to me (more than two years ago now, phew!), except I think it was Day 2 of W9 in my case. Well done for carrying on! Almost there now :)


Thanks, think I'll set the timer on my phone next time just in case.


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