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week 6 in the bag

hi guys (and gals)

well the old man rides again week 6 done and dusted

25 mins seemed like another leap of faith with some reservations at the start (up until half way then felt a bit more confident ) then just waiting for the one minute left message. (which for me was actually 5 mins as my app only asked for 22 mins , but to comply with the rules here did the extra 3 mins .

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3 and 1 is not 5 i know but i actually did the 5


Made sense to me! Well done getting the 25 minute run done. I feel like the first half on a run is an uphill battle and once you're over that half way mark it's plain sailing, kinda :D


yes Caroline i know what you mean it does seem easier hope it continues this way or even gets easier for the whole time but i suppose thats to much to ask if it was easy then possibley it would not be worth doing

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