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Running after Plantar Fasciitis

Hi everyone,

About a year ago I was doing C25K and was running during week 5 when I felt a really bad pain in my left foot. I rested for a couple of days but it wasn't getting better and I went to my GP who diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis. I was given some foot exercises to do which didn't help, tried insoles, special socks and was even sent to hospital for an X-Ray to eliminate other causes. By August after months in pain and absolutely fed up I was given a steroid injection in my heel which helped for a week or two before the pain came back, I was then given a second injection in September and was told surgery would be the next step. Then suddenly it eased off and by October I was virtually pain free.

Ever since then my thoughts have been getting back to C25K as I really enjoyed it up until my injury, I decided to leave it through the winter months but now the weather is better and the days are longer I really want to start again this weekend, however I'm terrified of hurting my foot again, I don't think I could stand another six months with pain like that.

Has anyone on here managed to get back into running after Plantar Fasciitis? I've read plenty of things online about stretching the foot after running and some people even continue to run whilst they have the condition.

I guess I'm after any personal stories, help and/or advice that has helped people on here.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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My sister had plantar fasciitis, and took up running after it cleared up. But she's not on this forum and it really was a few years afterwards. It is possible though! Good luck!

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I had PF in both feet a couple of years ago. The pain was really bad particularly first thing in the morning . Walking was really painful. I had steroid injections but that did not help at all. The physio gave me very simple heel raise/dip exercises which i followed to the letter. After two weeks i started to see some improvement. I also completely stopped wearing flat shoes and slippers.

The pain disappered eventually. Even now however I continue with the exercises, particularly after exercise or if i feel any kind of twinge in the heel area.

I began C25k in July 2016. I run three times a week and have extended my distance to 10k. I stretch after EVERY run without fail.

My running shoes have a heel to toe drop of 10mm, these are perfect for me. I believe a 12mm drop is often advised to guard against PF.

So yes running post PF ( and mine was very bad), can be done. But always listen to your body.

Good luck 👍🏼💪🏻🏃🏻‍♀️


I had mild PF last year but i followed drs advice to the letter, ice bottle heel to toe rolls followed by heel dips and raises every morning i also stretched my foot as soon as i woke up in the morning by pulling my toes up towards my knee with my ankle crossed on my other knee for support, i did carry on running and haven't had any symptoms for around 3 months now but still do the exercises bar the ice bottle, prevention is often better i believe.

Good Luck :)


I had it (fairly mildly) when I started the program. I'd had for about 18 months at that point but found running didn't cause it to be more painful and it completely disappeared after a few weeks for running and a few simple stretches.


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