Feeling Sad 😥

Since graduating things haven't been going well.

Firstly, I lost motivation and now I've got a problem with my back and am unable to run - even get pain when I walk! I'm seeing an Osteopath who doesn't want me to do anything that causes impact on my back which includes running. I'm not sure how long it will take to recover but I certainly hope it's not too long.

I know it's important to make sure it's recovered before I start again so I will, but I am sad that it feels like my previous hardwork will probably be undone.


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  • Try not to get too down-hearted, just yet!

    Motivation...hmmm? Well I am sure lots of us may be able to help with the..the Mojos try to hide.. i think they team up with the gremlins... :) The back.. well that obviously is a real issue.

    There are a few folk on here who have had back problems and hopefully they may be able to give you some helpful support. :)

    Take your Osteopath's advice, but maybe ask him.. would a cross-trainer be okay. I used my elliptical cross-trainer after I broke my ribs before Christmas... no resistance level at all, and no impact really at all, I just moved slowly... it kept my leg strength up and kept me feeling fit too .. :)

    If you get the okay, maybe you could find a gym where you could use a trainer ? Also, ask about swimming too ?

    Let us know how it goes please? Keep your chin up... :)

  • Thanks for your reply. I am a member of a gym so will go and give the cross trainer and cycle a gentle try. The Osteopath said I could try but if it hurts not to do it just definitely no impact exercises.

    I'll post how it goes!

  • Go you x Slow but steady....x

  • Do keep coming here even while you can't run, just to help you remember how much you want to - that'll help with the motivation when it's time to try again.

    And no matter how long the gap may be, try not to think of it as your hard work being undone, but more as you've done the hard work once - you know you can do it and you know it works. For me, that knowledge has helped on my later re-starts.

    I do hope you get some help and it heals soon...

  • Thanks- I will keep coming here xx

  • Pilates and yoga help the back, so when you are in less pain you could do some. Back muscles need strengthening and it's a gentle way of doing it

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