Feeling really sad and fed up at the moment. I keep trying to stay upbeat and positive but it's nearly 10 weeks since I broke my ankle and toe, and I'm still weeks (if not months) away from being back to normal. I'm missing the perfect running weather, not too hot not too cold, and I'm missing running. My bl**dy foot and ankle are still swollen and look like they've been transplanted onto my leg from a much bigger person and my newly mended broken toe is permanently achey. Woe, woe and thrice woe. Sob, sob, sob!! :( :( :(

Sorry to moan but you're the only people who know how miserable this enforced break(!) from running is making me :(


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  • Oh noooooo AM how did THAT happen? Not that the how matters too much, more important the WHEN WILL IT BE BETTER and why isn't it already???

    I really feel terribly sorry for you and willingly sit next to you in support, feeling glum and miserable ...

    Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Shadow of the Wind .. . that is a read to escape the real world...

    With much sympathy and sorrow and many wishes for an immediate turn around of your peg leg fortunes xXx

  • Hey Bo, my iPad's charged up now and I can reply to people. Thanks you for the offer of solidarity and sympathy. It's much appreciated. Shadow of the Wind is fab, isn't it? May even reread it now you've reminded me about it. xx

  • Eh its a pretty short straw you've pulled there AM :-(

    Simply LOVE all 3 of that set of novels of his (entirely his fault I'm crazy about Barcelona now!) ... I would definitely re-read (happy to remind you of them) they'll take you away from the reality of your own situation for a while :-)

    All best wishes to you for a super-speedy heal from here on xx

  • Not a lot I can say, other than, get well soon.

  • Thanks Hussain and many congratulations on your graduation. You've done brilliantly :)

  • Oh EM, Im so sorry for you xxx

    I wish there was something I could say or do to make you better and take this all away for you. You have always been there for us all on here when we have been on the couch and you always have been so supportive and encouraging to us, it is such a shame that you are having to go through this.

    Big, big hugs for you ((((( ))))

    Are you off the crutches now ? xxx

  • Thanks Sweetie, those hugs are gratefully received. :)

    Yes, I'm off the crutches (most of the time) although I do take one to school with me to stop small children knocking into me by accident. The problem is the swelling my foot, which goes down quite a bit overnight, balloons up during the day because I'm standing up so much and walking around. It's just sore and uncomfortable and generally horrible and ugly looking AND, irony of ironies, the only shoes that fit properly are an old pair of running shoes!

    Oh well, at least I'm not confined to the sofa and the telly all day anymore, so things must be improving. Quick chorus of 'I Will Survive' definitely needed methinks! xxx

  • Oh EM, Bless you xxx

    Sounds so horrible and frustrating for you . Did the physio or hospital give you a time as to how long it would be before you are walking normally ?

    I suppose it is a good thing to be back at work , at least you are getting out of the house, but then walking about is making it swell up isn't it ?

    PAH !

    Oh what a palaver , even more big hugs (((( )))) xxx

  • PAH indeedy!! Have an appointment with Lovely James tomorrow, so I'll try get some more information out of him, although the last time I asked about running he said not until I could hop, skip and jump. No danger of that happening any time soon. Walking normally would be good though. I suspect it's all a matter of patience. xxx

  • Aw , I hope you get some positive news tomorrow . Did he give you any exercises to do from last time , or is it too early ? xxx

  • He just told me to keep flexing my ankle whilst I was sitting down, so I gradually extend the range of movement I've got. I've been trying to keep up with my quad exercises and do some leg raises and stuff but I need to be more proactive. Definitely need to be doing more. Pity I can't afford physio 3 or 4 times a week like a professional footballer!! :)

  • I know ! These physio visits don't come cheap do they ? Good Luck for tomorrow EM , fingers crossed for you :-) xxx

  • Oh AM. I am so sorry - that really stinks ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž

    I hadn't realised it had been so long now - no wonder you are fed up. I don't know what to say to make it better other than to stick at the exercises - you will get past this. xx

  • Cheers Ully, it is a bloomin' long time isn't it. Grrrrr. Feeling more cross about it today and less miserable -that's got to be a good thing (although possibly not for my hubby!) xxx

  • Oh I'm so sorry. It's hard to be patient but you will get there. I wish I had a magic wand for you. Are you weight bearing yet - likely you do get more swelling when you start that. Sending positive vibes. Linda x

  • Cheers Linda. You're right, the renewed enthusiasm of my foot for swelling to alarming sizes coincided with going back to work and walking about more. If you find that magic wand, don't forget about me ;) x

  • Hello. Thought of you this morning at Parkrun. A man was dragged out of the 5-600 crowd to start the race as he broke his leg last November and is now running again. Must warn you that the soft tissues can be more of a problem than the bone but the physio will help with that. I'd over egg it and tell them you were training for a HM - maybe you were!!

  • Sending you a huge hug. I am so sorry to hear about this. Are you able to go swimming at all? If so, I know it's not the same, but may help both in terms of keeping your spirits up and also your fitness x

  • Tanya!! How lovely to hear from you. Hope all's well with you. My friend has warned me off swimming. She's a great swimmer but found attempting to swim after she'd broken her ankle really really painful. To be honest, I'm such a terrible swimmer that I didn't need much pursuading. ;) xxx

  • All good with me AM ๐Ÿ˜† busy as heck but have been out 3-4 times a week. I do sympathise very much, as I get grumpy without my running fix.

    Probably good advise about the swimming, I'm sorry I can't suggest something more useful.

  • Awww :( I'm sorry you're feeling down, and sadder still that we can't make it all better with a magic trainer. I can understand that the thrill of sliding down the stairs on your bottom rubs off (-as well as the skin-) after a few days.

    Hang on in there, girl. Why don't you try some strength training for your upper body and arms that you can do sitting down to keep that feisty challenge streak busy until the ankle is better? Grab a tin of marrow peas in each hand and do a bit of Popeye training. Chin up, girly. Big hugs xxx

  • Hehe Cheers m'dear, I'm loving the idea of training with a tin of peas in each hand :D

  • Now that we have some decent weather, the time will fly by and you'll be back out on the road before you know it. You'll see.

  • Really really hope you're right Dunder :)

  • Its thoroughly miserable - you must feel horrid :( :( Hope you're still doing some sitting down exercises - keep those thighs and knees good and strong ready for when you WILL bounce back. Feeling glum for you. xx

  • Cheers Buffy, I am trying to keep up with my quad exercises but I'd be lying if I said they were as much fun as running, lol :)

  • Sending big hugs. I can only imagine how frustrating it all is. I really hope it gets better soon and know we are all sending you healing thoughts to help it heal quicker.

  • Thanks RFC. Looks like I'll be on tea urn duty for some time but your healing thoughts will make the time pass more quickly :) xx

  • :-( you've been so brilliantly supportive of us and all our woes that it's seriously unfair that you're still out of action. Really hoping that things turn a corner soon. Lots of hugs to you xx

  • Aww thanks Allie, that's a kind thing to say xx

  • It must be very dispiriting not to be able to run at all while you wait for your ankle to mend. Have you started the physio exercises yet? Have they moved you from crutches to walking sticks?

    You'll soon be back out there.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to hearing about your progress when you get your running shoes back on

  • Thanks for your good wishes Zev, I've been using either one crutch or no crutches for about 2 weeks now, depending on how far I have to walk. I'm wearing an old pair of running shoes because they're the only shoes I can stuff my foot into comfortably -how ironic is that!?!?

  • You poor thing. How absolutely SH*T! I and all of us here know exactly how you feel with regard to not being able to run when you're on the injury couch. You've been great to me and now it's my turn to send you get well soon vibes. Do try and keep those spirits up as best you can and let's all PRAY for that foot to repair! HALLELUJAH!!!!!

  • Hahaha :D :D Reverend Dan your healing vibes and Hallelujahs have been gratefully received and I'm sure they're working their little miracles even as I type. Cheers m'dear xx๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘ผ

  • Poor mum, what a sad post.....not like you. Ok there are some positives - you wouldn't have to run over the last few wet, cold, miserable will be ready just when the weather is perfect for running! You will be so thankful to be back exercising that your focus and determination will make us all jealous!

  • Cheers Nelly, that's what I need, a woman who can find the positives in a cr*ppy situation. Well done :D

  • Poor you AM. We all feel your pain and are willing your recovery to speed up. Can you do squats? Arm weights? Not the same I know, but at least you could feel your heart rate go up a little bit without having to move off the spot ...

    Oh well, there's always a bedroom workout I suppose, if needs must ...!


  • I'm intrigued, whats a bedroom workout?

  • Use your imagination, or ask your wife! 500 cals and some good cardio, plus it'll put a smile back on your face!

  • Hehehe :D a bedroom workout! Sounds more exciting than doing my quad exercises (I'm assuming you don't mean changing the sheets and hoovering behind the wardrobe!!!) xx

  • lol, the last time my wife said run upstairs and make love to me, I said I'm 51 I cant do both

  • Ah but you're a graduate now, your fitness will have improved no end!! :D

  • well that gave you a chuckle AM didn't it lol

  • Yep :D :D :D

  • Anyhow Carl Froch the boxer says he abstains from sex before a fight, how do you know my times arnt as a result of a similar practice lol

  • What I want to know is just how fast you'd be if you did!

  • message me and find out lol

  • Oooo errrr

  • Ha ha, chortle! Titter

    Yep, it's a crock of absolute shite Ancientmum!!! I bet you feel like throwing things. Doing a bit of knitting in front of the telly is not really going to cut the mustard is it.

    I reckon it was Mr. Motivator that did those exercises while sitting down, with baked bean tins and such like. Have a look at his clips on youtube. I think you can stream these via your telly or some such wizard thing.

    My pal has broken her wrist, and although it was still swollen after the pot came off, she has not needed physio and has been told to carry on. Maybe that will be your scenario. I do hope so. You have to remain optimistic! Stiff upper lip and all that malarky

    We'll keep you cheered up!

  • Cheers MissW. Think I just need to stock up on patience. Am seeing Lovely James the physio tomorrow but the consensus of opinion amongst people I've spoken to who have had ankle problems is that ankles stay swollen for a long time. I tried to run after one of the kids at school yesterday. Big mistake! My left leg ran but my right one didn't. Nearly fell flat on my face! Lol :) Not very dignified!

  • Grrrrr!!! Can't believe its 10 weeks already, you have every right to moan, scream, be upset....just don't kick the cat! You don't need to pretend to be upbeat we feel your pain. It will get better, you will get out there again, keep posting and we will look after you :)

  • Aww Sweetie, that's such a lovely thing to say. :) :) Don't worry, the cat's safe, he's providing a valuable service distracting me with his general grumpy cuteness :)

  • sending you a big hug ancientmum :) i can't imagine how hard it is for you, and how frustrating :( you will get there,sadly its longer than you want/like but hang on in there!

    all your pals on here are i'm sure sending you positive vibes for a speedy recovery but i know it must be really hard! :(

    PS hope this makes any sense, i've just woken up from 3hr sofa snooze!

  • Cheers Ali. A 3 hour snooze on the sofa, luxury!!! Thanks for the positive vibes, they're working already :) xx

  • Hey, ancient mum, long time since I appeared here. Get well soon, then back on the road again. dozzer19

  • Dozz, DOZZ!!! I've missed you so much! So happy to hear from you. I'd do a little dance but circumstances prevent me. Will a little stagger do? Your post has cheered me up loads. Don't stay away will you. I'm gonna need a cheerleader when the physio gives me permission to start running again, cos I'll be right back at w1 AND this time my gait is wrecked. Happy happy happy to hear from you :)

  • Dozzer will have you running, swimming and cycling.

  • Oh I really really hope so :) :) :)

  • Aaah , Nice touch Dozzer , Welcome back :-) xxx

  • Oh crikey, does that mean I have to as well?

  • Hell Yes !!!!

    'Bout flippin' time n'all :-)

    It is good to see you back , Ah little Lego man , how we have missed you :-) xxx

  • I can't get my little red shirt on any more. The computer says I must wear my silly dressing up one. When the onesie and vest go on I'll get on with it. Anyone knoknow much about IT and iPads?

    When do we see more pics of the pugsleys?

  • I like this photo, it is Keith Lemon sitting astride MY Pinto .

    Oh I have been worried about you and my trusted steed , battling the elements, hungry , tired and sleeping in a shoe box at side o' road .

    I am just trying to sort some Pug pictures out for you to look at :-) xxx

  • Don't think you can edit your profile or change your photo using an iPad, Dozz, you have to use a PC -or at least I couldn't (but that's not saying much) You may be stuck in fancy dress. :)

  • Pah!

  • Yay Dozz we can be training partners. You'll be way way ahead of me by the time I can run again, so you can go in front and pull the trolley with the refreshments in. Oh yes! I'm liking this plan a lot :) xxx

  • Pull the trolleys? The pugs are doing the pulling. We already have the music on track too!

  • Whoops, beg pardon, of course someone of your illustriousness wouldn't be trolley-pulling!

    I don't know much about IT but I do know about CT (that's Cup of Tea) I've just boiled the kettle so if you're interested in a drop of the good stuff......

  • What choons are we having Dozz ? :-) xxx

  • Given the state of my foot, anything by ........Limp Biskit would fit the bill ;)

  • Ha ha , or I would walk 500 miles or in your case a few then fall over ha ha , only joking EM :-D xxx

  • Hahahahahahaha :D :D

    Tiptoe Through the Tulips- or in my case, Limp Through the Lilies

  • Or, Ain't Running Up That Road (because I can't) xxx

  • Sit down . By james ! !!!! ( The band not the physio, ! He won't let you do much of that!! )

  • Hahahahahahaha :D Best one yet!

  • "Footloose?!" ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ


    "if i could turn back time? "๐Ÿ”™

    Youve got me thinking now!๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    *Horray , youve prompted dozzer to return!

  • Dozz coming back is Simply The Best :)

  • AM AM AM look look!!! You've got to feel some bubbles of delight this morning despite everything ... dozzer's come out to play!!!

    Enough gloomy now shoop shoop smiles and positivity again :-) xx

  • Hi Bo you're so right. My iPad is almost out of charge so can't reply to everyone until later but YAY!!! Dozz is back!!!!! Definitely a cause for balloons and bunting and less self pity. Thank you for your kind thoughts and ever so gentle kick up the whingeing butt, Bo xxxx

  • Good morning!!! :-)

    Perfect ... Keep this mood all the way through your day today MWAH xx

  • Poor you, AM, it must be so frustrating :( Are you having any physio yet? Are you able to do any other exercises that don't make your ankle or foot swell any more? At least you can work on your upper body, I guess, though it's not the same as running. Sending get well wishes and go-faster recovery vibes to you x

  • Cheers Annie, I'm seeing my physio tomorrow, so hopefully I should get a bit more advice then. It's just soooo frustrating grrrrrrr!!

  • What a complete bummer for you, AM. That's been ages now and all over something so inane in the first place. You've managed to get Dozzer out of hibernation though so not all bad for you :)

    Homes Under The Hammer will be on repeats if you're out for much longer!! I'd be at my wits end by now as well. Nowt wrong with a good old moan now and then, good for the soul I think xxx

  • Hey Frocky, you're so right, it's not all bad. So lovely to have Dozz back again :) Gotta see the positives.

    Now I'm back at work I'm having to wean myself off HUTH again. Found myself considering watching it on 'Watch Again' yesterday. Oh my!! :-O

  • so sorry to hear of your woes. After a few weeks of little run due to ice on the road, I am soooooooooooo frustrated, so I can wholly sympatise with you! All my best wishes for a prompt recovery.

  • Cheers Franny. Who would have thought, before c25k, that running would become so essential to a happy life? Hope the ice has all thawed now and you can get out there again soon xx

  • Well the ice has thawn but now we have to contend with mud! You should have seen the dog when we came back this afternoon... My husband just banned him from entering the house!

  • We shall put you in an adult sized jogging pushchair and run some lovely routes with you AM.

  • Wow now you're talking! Although, have to warn you, I may have put on the odd kg since my enforced rest started. Hope you're feeling strong!! :D xx

  • Oh poor you, how awful. I was thinking about you the other day, hoping you were getting closer to recovery. You must be going crackers...

  • Cheers Curly. Crackers just about sums me up at the moment! How are you getting on with deciding whether or not to enter your scary race? xx

  • I've pretty much decided against it, I read the rules in depth and I need a medical certificate - 24 Euros to see the doc and who knows how much he might charge for the certificate? It's un-marshalled too as far as I can make out, I think you have to follow the arrows - round a warren of very small streets? I doubt my ability to complete the course exactly, I don't mean getting lost, but not doing it properly! What's to stop people cheating ? So far there are 9 entrants so I wonder if it will go ahead. Finally our ferry crossing the next day has been cancelled and we are on an earlier one now, which will mean leaving here at 4 AM. All in all it doesn't fill me with enthusiasm... but I'm having fun pushing myself harder than I normally ever would running sections of it, so that's something good that came out of it!

  • Oh AM I so feel for you. You've been so patient and so brilliant giving support to us lot here, it's about time the gods of running gave you a little break (oops sorry about that but you know what I mean).

    There's nothing I can say apart from I'm thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs and get on your feet again vibes.

    This won't last forever and you will run again. xxx

  • Oh thanks Princess, those hugs and positive vibes are much appreciated. xxx

  • Tsk Tsk - 'Little break indeed' :) the sun has got to you :)) x

  • I'll hang my head in shame and go stand in the corner then.


  • Humph... Oh come back then... But no more humour. Are you still running in the heat? I bet Ancient Mum will be better in time for another scorching English Summer :)

  • In my dreams. :) lol

  • 'Fraid so Runon. All done in the heat and back home tomorrow to the cold shores of England. Can't wait actually. I love home.

    And yes I agree. AM will be better for summer.

  • A very big hug to you - it is horrible but you stilll have a foot and it will get better - I had a broken ankle some years back - couldn't even kick the cat - if I'd had one that is... now I can hop on it, and jump and dance but I still can't sing (which is probably a good thing). X

  • Hey Runon, how are you? I meant to go onto your charity page but started wallowing in self-pity and forgot. I'll get straight on to it. You're quite right, it's just the after effects of a broken ankle, nothing more, nothing less. I just got miserable watching all the runners round here enjoying themselves but, in the great scheme of things, it's nothing. Thanks for the encouragement and the ever so nice kick up the whatsit. :) xx

  • I am amazing (ish) - and modest (ish) - just waiting for calf to get properly better - it's almost there but not quite - I was tempted to run on it again too soon and paid the price - but think it will be fine tomorrow - when I broke my ankle my mother who had been a nurse visited and said I was the worst patient she had ever seen! And a very very big thank you for taking a look at my charity page - you will be running again soon :) xx

  • Oh you can moan any day of the week, AM. You have something to moan about! It must be utterly horrible. Wish I could make it better and make the pain go away.

  • Cheers Tomas, that's a kind thing to say

  • Big hugs AM, it is a crap situation to be in, no two ways about it. Practical stuff though, has the physio given you the right exercises, or prescribed pilates or anything like that? (those pilates machines, which slowly reintroduce weight-bearing to the affected limb, are very good for this). I know several people who have come back from what was on the face of it disastrous-sounding injury - including a rugby coach, and a ballet dancer, (who both had reconstructive knee surgery) via sweaty and admittedly quite uncomfortable exercises, but they are back to full fitness now.

    So I see Homes Under the Hammer has a new presenter! And even more exciting, you seem to have coaxed Dozzer out of his lego box... :-D

    But I sympathise and send healing vibes, it sounds pretty grim for you at the moment. xxx

  • Cheers TT, you're as encouraging and practical as ever! :)

    I'm walking about with either 1 or no crutch, depending on the distance I have to cover. I suspect a lot of the problem is that I'm on my feet all morning at work, so even though the swelling goes down a lot over night, it comes right back during the day. I'm seeing Lovely James the physio tomorrow and I think I'll ask if it would help to wear compression socks at work. So far, the only exercises I've had from him are to flex the joint to increase the range of movement I have. I think he's been saving the tougher stuff until now!! :-O xxx

    Tis great to have Dozz back, you're right. Every cloud has a silver lining :) x

  • I can't imagine being in your situation and having to STOP. I've only just finished week three and this has become so necessary to my mental wellbeing! Definitely compression if you are on your feet at work. I broke my ankle 15 years ago and was stupid about pushing myself too much after...skipped physio. minor anklepain for about 10 years.

  • Wow that's a cautionary tale!! Thanks for your good advice :)

  • I really feel for you AM. I have been in a similar situation and almost spiralled into depression because of it. For me it was a badly smashed right wrist (over 10 breaks and joint capsule damage). It took me away from my beloved musical instruments (possibly forever) made me a bit useless around the house and with the kids and also made me rather isolated due to being unable to drive for months. I think it was amplified by having broken the left wrist in a very uncomplicated fashion a few years previously so being more aware of how much worse it was than a single normal fracture and how much longer recovery was taking.

    To cut a very long story short, I was given a very poor prognosis (which included possible artificial joint) but was assigned a physio who really pushed me, frequently made me cry and insisted on me doing my exercises every 2 hours. I'm 3 yrs down the line now & my wrist is 100% better than I could ever have hoped for and I still play the flute and piano. Yey!

    There IS light at the end of the tunnel &

    you WILL come out of the other side.

    Take care AM.

  • Oh. Atalaya, what an inspirational story. What an awful experience for you, but what a triumph in the end. I can't imagine what it must have felt like to be without running AND music. I'm a terrible violinist but I can't imagine having to do without it. Thank you for sharing your story, I'm humbled by your determination and inspired by your success :)

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