Final run and sad:)

Last one completed friday and I know I should be happy but this programme has helped me in so many ways hard to let go. I have loved the challenges and the encouragement given that I am not sure if anything else will fill the gap. I have absorbed my phone with blue fin , map my run and rock my run and hope my motivation is going to be sustained. I really wished there was a 5-10k with this programme and if it needed funding I am sure most people would be happy to contribute, Anyway to prove to myself I really am a graduate I ran further today for 38 minutes - not fast just consistent. Happy to be a runner just sad to leave such an important stepping stone.

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  • Congratulations on graduating, do enjoy such a great achievement! Strangely, I missed Laura and the structure of the program too when I graduated but I've since been enjoying listening to podcasts while running. Hope you find something that works for you and keep enjoying the run!

  • Thank you for your reply- what podcasts are you listening to?

  • Nothing running related at all I'm afraid! I use the fitness timer on my iPod and then select something like Deset Island Discs or a sermonl I'dike to hear and run for it! I will be downloading the C25K+posts though. I'm doing a bit of a repeat at the moment as I'm not long back after injuring my hip. All the best.

  • I like to run to Desert Island Discs too. There are loads of archived episodes online, so I usually download ones that I think will be inspirational to a huffing and puffing jogger! As there are 8 pieces of music per episode I can encourage myself to keep going by saying to myself 'just listen to one more song'. I have, surprisingly, discovered I much prefer listening to speech while running than music.

  • Thank you never thought of desert island discs, speeches and sermons too? I bet it does take your mind off the run and run further as a result. Will have to try this! :)

  • Ah thank you lovely to hear what keeps runners motivated and wow a sermon!! Will have bear that one in mind! :)

  • I also often listen to sermons and audiobooks. I used to listen to them on my drive to work, but as this is only 5 minutes now, it doesn't really work. Desert Island Discs sounds like a good idea too - will have to download some episodes!

  • Seems a great idea! Must be hot to run where you are! Running in cold, wet and windy Britain has been a god send for a novice !!

  • Well technically it's still winter here, but today it was about 25 degrees which is unseasonably warm. Not a running day thankfully as actually we have a sand storm going on (hot wind bringing dust from the east). I have no intention of finding out what that would do to my breathing!

  • Congratulations. Your running journey is only just starting......don't be sad. There are several Bridge to 10k plans available as well as the C25k+ podcasts, loads of training plans for everything up to a marathon and also running for fun, which requires no plan whatsoever. C25k does give us regular challenges and positive results, so you are bound to miss that, but you can set your own challenges now and continue to improve your running.

    Keep running, keep smiling, fellow runner.

  • Thank you for responding. I have the blue fin bridge to 10k but it is back to walking intervals. Do you think I should continue increasing my runs by 5 mins per week instead? Also how do I get those C25k podcasts, do they take you up to 25k? Thanks again for your support on here, I am very grateful and I am sure many appreciate your sound advice. Happy running too!

  • The recommendations for increasing either distance or duration, is 10% per week. My regime, when I get back to it after waterlogged routes, is 2 x 5k runs per week and one longer run at the weekend. If you just increase your duration/distance on that one run then make it an easy pace and use one of your shorter runs to increase speed. I built my distance up (admittedly exceeding 10%) to 16k, although my longer run is now generally 10-12k. One of the best runs I have had with my wife was when we set off through the woods, agreeing that we would run when we could , but walk when we had to. We covered about 10k, looked at the view and enjoyed splashing through the puddles. It was great fun and did not involve trying to beat any targets.

  • Thank you so much thats sounds great and how nice to be able to run with your wife! My husband body builds in the gym and believes he is way too heavy to run (all muscle!!) Maybe one day but he could walk faster than me beside my run - How funny would that look!! :)

  • I understand that, I think most of us here do. We all felt a little alone at the end. The bridge to 10k works for some, also entering a race for charity, park runs are good for the next step if you have a local one. Please feel free to join my quest. It's pinned on the right hand side. We have all been in the same boat which is why the quest came about. But always remember the most important thing happy running.

  • Thank you for your reply and I am doing race for life in July. This programme has helped me so much I that I now want to raise lots of money for charity and the Nhs in some way. I would love to join your quest :)

  • Congratulations on completing C25K. The adventure starts here! Now you have the basics you can start to build on that and have fun! This site is a health site, so will only ever provide the basic 5K training plan. Now is the time to read about running -books and websites - and chose which running and/or training best suits your needs.

  • Thank you swanscot. I will attempt 3 runs per week increasing by 5 mins per week and 1 short run for speed but will research what is best - thanks again :)

  • Well done Carole01 your lovely graduate badge is looking good beside your name. As many have already said this is just the start you now know you can run for 30 minutes you may not yet have reached the 5K distance in that time so that is another target to reach for. The beauty of it now is the choice is yours. If you want to hear more of our Laura download the Couch 25K+ Podcasts found on NHS site or ITunes Store, there are 3 workouts, Speed, (my favourite) helps you work on building your speed, Stamina (does what it says) and Stepping Stones (can be used for building strength, stamina and helps work on distance too) There are many, many more programs out there to help bridge the distance from 5K - 10K and beyond. Check them out, there will be at least one you will find you can work through. But for now just get out there with some of your own favourite music, or if you prefer the songs of the birds and enjoy your new found freedom of running wild!!! :)

  • Thank you so much Oldgirl for podcast info I shall use them religiously !!. My 5ks are 39 mins My next target is to be able to run for an hour and speed up on my 5ks. Thank you for all your encouraging words, they really do help me and others :)

  • I'm sure there is a 5k to 10K app on the web site.

  • Hi I couldn't find one but this one looks okay

  • I guess i will feel the same after my last run, its great to have a new challenge each week. I think i'm going to stick to 5k for now as it still presents a real challenge at the moment and try to improve a little on my times and do more parkruns before lengthening the runs. Keep on posting to let us know how you are doing..... All the best to you and keep on running!

  • Thanks aliboo70! My 5k is very slow. I know because my last few runs , when laura says stop I carry on until I have done the 5k. The app above looks pretty good and lots of 30 min runs to begin with. Thank you for your support throughout this programme and keep us posted on your graduation x

  • Congratulations on your graduation's a great feeling ,although I can sympathise with how you feel about leaving the support and structure given by the C25K podcasts and that feeling of where to go next.

    I repeated W9 at first....a lot ! Then got a playlist of favourites to run to and just kept increasing my time and distance with that.

    I graduated last September but I have only lately downloaded the Stepping Stones, Speed and Stamina podcasts and wish I'd done it sooner, so I second Oldgirl's comments ( take note,she's a wise Oldgirl ! ) .

    If you're not already signed up, then Realfoodieclub's quests are brilliant ...the current one is the Mother's Day Quest and you can join in at anytime.They are great for making you set and stick to personal goals.

    Whatever you decide to do , just enjoy the fact that you can do can get out there and's fab :)

  • Thank you Carolecal . It really is the best feeling!! I think about running all the time and rest days are infuriating! I also know not to risk injury. Are you running over 10k now? It great to hear how runners move on and thank you for your advise :)

  • Not 10K yet...I was happy to stay around the 5K mark ,then had a few knee problems( now sorted thankfully) so am now gradually increasing to 7K for ' the quest ' and hope I,can get to 10K by the start of the summer. I'm happy to achieve this gradually....injury is just the worst thing .

  • Yes it scares me - not being able to run would be too depressing. I run along my local canal and it is so picturesque that my hubby would have carry me to view it if i was injured!! I must join this quest!

  • Hey Carole, I know how you feel, for I felt the same when I graduated. IonnadaTruffe says - THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

    When I graduated I floundered a bit as I missed the structure and the slow improvement in my fitness and stamina, but almost a year later I am running three times per week and LOVING it. Just do it to keep healthy and fit if nothing else - or....... if you're really keen, download a podcast which will train you to run 10K. You've done the hard bit - now enjoy running for fun and fitness!

  • Thanks Danzargo, couldn't live without it now!! hard to imagine though little 'ole, me running 10k but I am going have a really good try!!! Never crosses my mind about the fitness side I just Love to run - the longer, the better!! Thank you for your advice and keep posting, your humour is an incentive! :)

  • Well done. Just posted my delight at doing w5r3, but when I graduate - very ambitious - but I am moving onto a marathon training plan. Only because a runner 'friend' entered me for the Callanish Marathon for my 59th birthday. (I buy her nice shampoo & bubble bath). I don't expect to ever run a marathon but will walk/jog it.

  • Fantastic windswept and some 'friend' lol..Run 3 is a major breakthrough and well done to you. Somebody has recommended 2 books for me to read for motivation: Running like a girl - this is a funny account of a woman's journey to marathon running, which apparently has lots of tips and guidance at the back of book. the other is Running with the pack by Mark Rowlands- this is also funny but philosophical too. I have ordered both and I hope they may of use to your journey too. Good luck and good for you!! Keep us posted :)

  • Sounds great - will look out for them. Thank you

  • Congratulations :) I set my own new goals after the program which really helped. Think of what you'd like to improve on, or pick a target you'd like to reach and go for it. I find I need something to work towards to keep me motivated. Anyway, enjoy every moment of today. You are a graduate!! :)

  • Thank you and I even bought the t- shirt thats say so!! I want to get to 10k thats my motivation and hopefully earn lots of funds for charities along the way. Thanks for the advice and happy running!

  • I think I will be feeling the same when I graduate, this programme has been absolutely fantastic. I will be working on running a bit further so that I actually get to 5k., and then hopefully some park runs. Of course, we can keep posting and getting our motivation from everyone on here! Well done for graduating anyway, and enjoy your running x

  • Thanks no -excuse. Yes that 5k doesn't easily come in 30 minutes!! Good luck with your running shouldn't be long now until you graduate. :)

  • 2 more runs! (hopefully) , cant wait... x

  • Yippee!! You will be great! X

  • Darling it is just the beginning...I felt the same but then used the C25k extras ( and I still use speed). I made a plan to get to 10k and beyond and bought Audiofuel run free ( Silky Steve rather than Laura) and that gave me a I just keep doing my own plan and running is the best ever. what you have is a passion to run and thats gold dust...embrace it and fly....!!!

  • Thank you and dare I say! .. very spiritual! I love to run and will be sure to look at your options too. Thank you and I love your posts and the inner panther is sharing good wears!!. The joy of my job (and I am always working) is that I am always attached to my laptop. Which means when I need a break I get to wonder through this forum. I hope one day to be achieving the same goals you have set yourself and gained. Keep purring!! :)

  • Hey. Carole01, like you I graduated on Friday. I too miss the structure but have decided just to use w9r3 podcast for while.

    I am also doing 5 x 50 but starting it now and not the official date.

    Doesn't put me under pressure to be faster or go further, I just enjoy myself - whatever you deceive to do, just enjoy it!

    Hey and well done! Great feeling to graduate isn't it!

  • How have you got on? What did you decide to do?

  • Hi Gareth, I ran a light jog for 10 mins then put on the 5 to 10k app- first day, It was a 20 minute run at a faster pace. It was a really hard run but great to listen to my own music. Anyway... after a while and very tired, I thought this has got to be more than 20 min. The app had failed me and I had been running for a over 30 mins - The distance didn't record either!! Really deflated knowing all that effort and not even logged correctly!. So ditching the app!! going back to week 9 podcasts for the 30 mins then putting my own music on to increase my running up to an hour (incrementally!!) and alternating with 5k + podcasts. Back to what was working for me! Thanks for asking and let us know how you on get too!

  • Congratulations on graduating Carole01 :)

    The structure is one you can take with you - just try increasing your distance little by little each week and repeat the run three times within a week. Include a consolidation run every three or four weeks where you maybe take it easier.

    The C25k+ podcasts can help and you can mix in interval training once or twice a week if you want to vary it.

    You mentioned 10k in your profile so there's a free training plan on the Bupa site if you are interested at

    Good luck whatever you decide to do.

  • Thank you - wow that is an easy structure on the Bupa site. I would like to get to 10 k -running Race for Life in July and would be a real personal achievement. Today is the first day without Laura so giving my own music I try I am just going to get there and go for it! Thank you for the great tips :)

  • Congratulations on your graduation, but don't worry, this is just you moving on to the next phase! As everyone on here has said, there are many options available and you just need to find what suits you. The thing I particularly like now is being able to run for fun - sometimes this is for a bit longer, sometimes - as now - illness means I can't get out there for much more than 20 minutes, but I'm still going :) This forum is great for encouragement, as you know, and also for suggestions to mix it up. You will do brilliantly! Happy running :)

  • Thanks AnnieMurp ( I went to school with a girl with your name!!!, are you a lancashire lass?) Sorry to hear you have been ill but great you are still out there!!! First run today post C25k and just going to go for it and see what happens? I think I will know what to do after today. The responses have been really supportive and I am so lucky to be part of such a fantastic community. Take care and good luck :)

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