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I did it, I did it, I DID IT!!! I just completed the final run - i cant believe that nine weeks ago I thought i was going to collapse whilst running one minute, and then in no time at all here i am finishing the whole programme with the biggest smile on my face! Such a massive achievement. Have faith if i can do it - you can, and i will be here cheering you on. Ok so, off to sort out when i can do a park run. :-)

16 Replies
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Congratulations! You can be very proud of yourself! :) Keep at it!

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Yay! Well done you ✅

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Well done & congratulations on completing the plan.😊

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Well done! Enjoy parkrun :)

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well done I've only just started out 😁 I believe they had a parkrun at notley (discovery centre place) on Saturdays 😁 who knows I may see you there in 8 weeks

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CallyL in reply to secksy34

i will watch for your progress so make sure you post on here.

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Yeay!! Congratulations! Hope you're rewarding yourself to mark the occasion. That's brilliant.

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Well done and congratulations.

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It's an awesome feeling isn't it? Well done!

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Well Done Runner!!! :)

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Thanks everyone for all the messages - i am still smiling.

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You'll be smiling for a while, and deservedly so! Well done...xx

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Fabulousooo,well done,great achievement

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Be proud !! A marvellous achievement !! I'm right behind you .....

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Great job finishing the programme.

Good luck with your parkrun.

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Well done keep going

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