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Week 2, Rest Day 2 - Laura's breathing advice

I'm confused about Week 2's tips about breathing. Both runs I've tried to copy Laura's breathing advice but in my out-of-breath, sweaty, semi delirious state I've got it totally wrong. I'm listening again now.

"I try to count my breaths in and out in time with my running steps. So in time with your left foot hitting the ground count 1,2,3,4 to breath in and 1,2,3,4 steps breathing out."

I still don't follow.

So I count once every time my left foot hits the ground - 4 steps to get to 4?

Or I count to 4 every time my left foot hits the ground?

And then do I breath in on every count? Or breath in for 4 counts and then breath out for 4 counts?

Jogging slowly around the room now and still can't master it.

I think my current technique is to either breath in and out as fast as possible... or in on left and out on right.

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I can't count like Laura, either. I think 4 steps per breath is fast running. I find myself running at a pace which is comfortable to me and then breathe to suit. :) In week 4 she will give tips on breathing using the diaphragm and if when you've mastered that, it helps :)


I really struggled to find a breathing rhythym in the beginning, and Laura's tip about had me keeling over! I felt like I wasn't breathing deep enough.

I have found over the weeks that it has found it's own pace, thanks to a few tips I got from the wonderful community here. When I am out walking my dogs, I still practice some of the tips I got, such as breathing in and sticking your tummy out and I have found that this has helped a lot.

I'm not sure, but you may be able to see the answers I got if you go to my profile and look through my question history?

Hopefully you will soon find a natural rhythym for your pace. For me, this is one of Laura's tips I was happy to ignore!


Thanks! I'll take a look at your comments. Still running around the room here tying to decipher what Laura is on about, feel very stupid... think I've cracked it. 1 very long in breath for 4 steps, one very long out breath for 4 steps. Don't think I can manage that!


Yes, that's it! But I think no-one does this in reality!


Hi Stevecramp I wouldn't worry too much for now, it's early days. I couldn't get my head around Laura's breathing or breathe in through my nose like she suggests either. I just got the air in any old way and hoped for the best. But just today I was thinking about this and realised that I was sort of breathing to the 4/4 rhythm. Then I tried breathing through my nose and realised I could do that too! Maybe it's one of those things that sorts itself out eventually.



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