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thanks guys

just checked my app (Zen labs ) and there is only 1 run slightly different to the nhs

and its only 1 min so i think i will use the app and not loose any sleep over 1 min over 6 runs

but it really seems to get harder from here on in

really going to be a test for this near OAP have been 17.5 to 18 stone most of my adult life so as you can guess not very active

but started a new life eating plan in dec 2016 ( Marisa Peer) and have to date lost 3 to 4 stone dont follow it to the letter but 70 to 90 % as even she says its not cast in stone

now tipping the scales at 13 stone 12 lb ( only ever saw 13 stone once on the way up)

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Well done on the weight loss. I'm really battling right now to get moving in a downward motion again but running has/is helping to shift my mind set.

I think I did two different programs for the first few weeks. But as each week was different I didn't notice :D

What you've done so far has been to prepare you for these tougher weeks so you'll be fine. Enjoy!


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