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Whoops... pretty sure Laura didn't grant me that five day break!

Whoops... pretty sure Laura didn't grant me that five day break!

Almost lost my mojo.

The gruelling week's work of 70+ hours plus my birthday celebrations kinda got in the way of the programme.

I was thinking to repeat week 4 because of having had such a long break but instead decided to try week 5 mainly because I wanted to have some different tunes to tap my running feet to!!

It was a struggle, BUT a worthwhile one. I did all 5 runs and even ran out of loop for my five minute warm down walk so had to go back on myself so must be covering more distance - how do you guys tend to measure distances?

Awesome, awesome. Let's just hope those few naughty cigarettes consumed on Friday won't stop me from getting to the end of the infamous W5R3 session ;)

Looking forward to the days that I won't have to keep my ears warm!!

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Well done, Charlie. 5 days isn't a long break in the overall scheme of things and won't have done you any harm.

There are a number of smartphone apps that allow you to track distance, pace etc. The most popular are Runkeeper, Strava, Endomondo and Mapmyrun. All are pretty good but are quite a drain on your phone battery and are limited by the GPS hardware of the phone which mean that they will be less accurate than a dedicated running watch (Garmin etc).


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