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Stick and flick gives me the pip: dog owners


I noticed on the BBC website that an MP is calling on people *not* to bag their dog poo but to use the stick and flick technique (which the Forestry Commission endorse in some areas.)

This is a response to people bagging and then leaving... sometimes (although not always) in non-biodegradable bags. Instead of encouraging them not to leave them...

I reckon that few people anti-social enough to deliberately leave a filled poo bag behind are going to hunt around for a stick and then, successfully, flick every bit of poo away from the footpath far enough that no-one is going to stand in it. (Bearing in mind that if you want to look closely at a plant you might step off the path, or you might be an orienteer)

I am however mystified by how few people take anything to put the used bags in so they are not having to walk along swinging a stinky bag (and tempting some to leave it, but not necessarily remembering, intending to collect on the return, . I didn't last long as a new dog owner before I researched this. Sadly the brilliant but perhaps not aesthetically lovely Muksak is no longer produced (due to retirement) but there's the Poop Pot and the Dicky Bag. If those seem pricey, then there's always tupperware type containers.

Aside from that, although dog poo breaks down, it has an impact on soil conditions thus damaging the local flora.

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I also read the article with astonishment. Surely the right advice should be that when you pick up then you bring it to a bin, rather than "don't bother picking up".

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Tomas

Yup, if you can persuade that many people to bag, you can persuade them to bin.


Stick and flick! Mouth drops open! I hadn't heard this on the news! Don't have a dog if you haven't got the sense/decency to pick up the poop that they inevitably leave. Stick and Flick! Hmmmn sounds like a good game if you've got a load of MPs lined up in front of you...xx

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to ANewMe2017


I have perfected my 'scooping the poop on the run' technique, not stopping for a game of poo golf or cricket.

skysue16Graduate in reply to GoogleMe

Just out of interest - do you run along carrying the poo bag?

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to skysue16

I put the used bag into my Dicky Bag, or Poop Pot, or Muksak and yes, run. They are either on a long lanyard across my body or clipped by their carabiner to the dog treat bag which goes across my body (and also contains my keys, phone, dog whistle etc)

It's not fun picking up dog poo but your own dog's is not as bad as taking care of some irresponsible sod's cold leavings... which I sometimes do.

The upside is that it does reinforce the warm up walk as it is most likely to happen then and then I don't have to watch her *quite* as closely.

runswithdogsGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

Never heard of these poo pots. When I run with the mutts it's with the bag o' poo swinging from my hand until the first bin. But perhaps a container is a better way to go.

skysue16Graduate in reply to GoogleMe

Been looking at the Dicky bag and Poop pot online, they look interesting. Where we walk/run there are no bins so have to carry bag/pot home or to car then home. As you say there are a lot of things to carry when walking or running with dogs!

IgaTGraduate in reply to skysue16

I am a dog owner. In >99% of cases I clean after my dog and then walk / run with a poo bag in my hand. I thought this technique is more for the areas where are no bins for longer time. Like when I go hiking with my dog and I know / can guess there will not be any bins for the next 3-4 hours of my hike then I use stick and flick technique if "it" happens on the path. Can any of dog runners make a picture of your gear? I am struggling with my runs and idea of taking even more containers (like Dicky Bag / Poop Pot / Muksak) terrifies me a little. Feeling like a Christmas tree doesn't help me with my running motivation as a beginner C25K "runner". For now I am running in the "city" so I have plenty of bins. However I wanted to shift to more natural terrain and have no idea how to get through those obstacles (dog, lead, poo bags, dog treats, mobile with headphones, keys, tissues, and Dicky Bag).


What a load of s--te!💩 😀

My sons always used to explore off the path when they were young. This policy would not have been good. Yes, I stop, pick up using a bag, then run on with the bag in my hand.

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