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Inconsiderate dog owners


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I'm sitting here with a bag of frozen peas on my left foot thanks to an inconsiderate dog owner with a dog on one of those flexible leads, They managed to trip me up whilst out on a run, should never use them on the pavement they have no control. Now I have to wait and see if I can walk on my foot.

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That is so bad, hope your foot is ok. I once saw a dog on one of these leads run into a very busy rd, 2 lanes each way. In front of a motorcyclist. The lead went under the front wheel and under the frame so was midway under the bike which was travelling at speed of around 30mph.. The dog literally bounced along the road as it was pulled........ how it wasnt hit by another vehicle goodness only knows. The dog owner let go of the lead, the dog ran off with the owner in pursuit...... across the busy road. Not a thought about the poor biker who was in complete shock, not a thing he could do about it! My young daughter was driving at the time but had to let me take over as she was so upset.

I dont think owners who use these realise the dangers...... grrrrrrr!

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Sorry that should say some owners dont realise the dangers. There are many very responsible owners 😀👍🏼

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Leaving the dog to continue running about in the traffic wouldn't have been a smart move.

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

Quite true, however the dog had already done a runner, it was the owner now running across the dual carriageway. I am amazed the dog or the owners were not very seriously injured. I guess it is just a case of being mindful to lock the leads in such conditions.


Did the owner at least stop and help you up? Were they suitably apologetic? I think that's awful and understand if you want to rant😰 Hope your foot is OK soon💊💐

Don't get me started again. See earlier rants!!!


I reckon they should come with a compulsory training programme. My husband likes ours but he can shorten it instantly and I still can't 'get it'. I tend to prefer a thing called a training lead which is like a normal lead you can lengthen when you get somewhere suitable that you still can't let them off in.

It would be nice though if it wasn't such a rarity for people to say thank you when you take action to ensure they can keep moving (cycling, walking, running) in a straight line at the same pace without moving over...

A dog owner's place is in the wrong.


Don't get me wrong I used to have dog's for most of my life, mainly collie's and kelpie's for agility, So I'm not blaming the dog just the owners bad training.

My foot seems to be OK as I managed the last 90 second run of the W2 program I did not complete this morning, this after noon.


Ouch... have a read of Irish-John 's post... it may make you smile whilst on the IC...:)


Very sorry to read this and hope you will be fine - and that the dog manages to trip up its inconsiderate selfish owner on a very steep flight of stairs sometime ;)

They use the leads BECAUSE they have no control over their dogs. A well trained dog will walk at its masters side and come back to heel when called. I nearly rode over one of those stupid leads the other day when I was out cycling.


Those extendable leads are dangerous. When I walk my dog (and run with her) I don't use the lead unless I'm on roads with traffic, although I always have it with me: Smelly Dog sticks right beside me and does as she's told. I am wary of owners of small dogs -they tend to be the ones with the extendable leads, and I've had a fair deal of close calls demanding unplanned use of skipping techniques I'd forgotten from my primary school days.

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