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Hip hip hip.... x-ray :o(

Have been having hip twinges since end of week 7 - about 7 weeks ago. It turned to pain last Thursday evening and hurt even to walk on it on Friday.

Anyway, was seeing dr about something else today so asked her at the end about hip - she prodded me and made me wiggle a bit and then said I have to have an x-ray just in case. If all ok, physio next step.

Can't run for ages it seems :o((

Boohoo 😪😪😪

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Oh, how annoying for you ... hope the physio works. I also had pain in one hip but it turns out it's from sciatic nerve damage done a few years ago (all I did was stumble and land heavily on one foot!!). I'm also prone to knee pain on that side so I just take it easy. I've been to the physio a few times just so I'm sure of what I'm dealing with.

Hope you get a diagnosis and treatment that works and you're back to running soon. My hip made me stop the first time I was doing C25K and then my knee brought me to a halt for a few weeks later!


Oh these bodies!!

Thanks for the kind thoughts :o)


More for the injury couch!!!!

Take care. Rest up and you'll be back to running before you know it!


Thank you!! Hope so!!


Oh no :( Poor you. Fingers crossed that it's something that can be dealt with quickly and easily. In the mean time, dark chocolate is very good for magnesium levels and reducing the stress of rediscovering the couch.

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Ooh good recommendation! Thanks for the good wishes. Am a bit fed up*

Massive understatement, roughly translated from %#*^{{{++*$!!!!!


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