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W6R2. I did it today!

So I have managed to do this routine and yes with the inclines in my village it was tough at times. However I did manage to do it without stopping and I probably will do this again another three times and that will be this routine finished.After which I shall move onto W6R3 running for a full 25 minutes! scary.......! Can anyone advise me please,should I only do each routine once ? or does it matter. I think that perhaps I don't need to do these routines as many times, before moving onto the next week, Feeling a wee bit mixed up! ha! must be my age.

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Do you mean do you need to do the three runs that are designated for each week?

i..e. Week 6, Run 1, Run 2, and Run 3..... if so yes... all three runs for that week, just once each..or, do you mean you are repeating each of the runs three times each???

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Thank you old floss Inthink I did go off the trail a wee bit there,even though I did n

Know that I only needed to do each routine only once .i just got a wee bit mixed up and thought as it was going quite wellish I was l maybe looking to deep and convinced myself that I wasn't doing W6 properly. So back on track now and many thanks ! 😄😄

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You are going to be just fine...we will be with you all the way..always ask if you have a question, we have between us all experienced most things!

And age???? Just a number... I will be 67 in three weeks.. can't wait.. new adventures beckon with every passing day!

On you go... slow and steady!x

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Thanks Old floss.! I was 59 in February so the big one next year so I think I'm doing ok for my age. You on the other hand are doing fantastic by the sound of it and thanks for all your advice,in your last post. For me sometimes I think I try too hard,and always want to do it perfectly! ha! well sometimes that doesn't always go according to plan.😄 So I shall maybe do w6R2 one more time on Monday then I shall move onto R3.

Goodness I would probably be still doing this next year If I kept going the way I thought. What a twit ! Ha!

Moment of madness but with all you guys I was placed back onto the right path!

Many thanks oldfloss😄😄


Hello Oldfloss just incase I forget Happy birthday in three weeks.Hope you have a great day🎂🍾😄😄


Well done.

Week 5 and week 6 are a little bit different to the other weeks.

You do W6R1, W6R2 and W6R3 once each, that's all.

There is no harm in repeating runs if you want to but to comply with the program you certainly don't have to do each run more than once.

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Hello Dunder2004 many many thanks for putting me straight. As soon as I had written my post for advice I realised that perhaps I didn't need to repeat W6 R2 more than once. Your opening sentence explained it brilliantly many thanks.

However I am tempted to repeat this routine one more time to make sure I can confidently move onto W2R3.

Oh what a twit I am.! Heee! Heee! Could be because I'm a Geordie ha!


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