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Couch to 5K
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Who would believe it?

January 11th 2017: my first run down tracks away from where I was likely to be seen attempting to run! Made it through - somehow!

March 9th 2017: my final run of C25k completed! Woo hoo! And in full view of the whole world (well, not quite)!

I can now run 5k - have done so twice now albeit not in the magical 30 minutes, but in 34.04. The feeling is one of joy. I knew I had perseverance, but I did seriously doubt that I would be able to run anywhere near 5k at the beginning.

My aim now is to break the magical 30 minutes.

Keep going everyone on the journey. It is a magical journey.

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Massive congratulations - well done on completing the programme


Fantastic, well done! :) :) :)


Congratulations! I'm impressed you've already set yourself another goal! Well done. 😊


Yay!! Go you :)


Yay!! You Rock!! Well done xx


Fantastic, well done and a great time too xx


Many thanks for all the wonderful replies.

I didn't realise, until finding it, that there was a forum for beyond 5k so will be following that one now.

Thanks for all the great support.

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Congratulations Alexabot😊

Sounds like you are doing great. Keep building your strength up carefully now..still taking rest days and not overdoing it..

Whoop whoop😊🎉🎉🎉


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