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W9R2 getting slower


Hello all

I did it!!! but I am slower only covered 3.3km, I think that tortoise passed me again, one run to go and then try to improve my speed and distance. If someone said to me at Christmas, by the first week of March you will be running for 30 minutes, I wouldn't have believed them, so to anyone new who is reading this, please give it a go, you will be surprised, don't be put off by your other half laughing at you wearing your gear! She shouts "sing Lofty" that is for the older generation!


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I wouldn't worry to much about speed or distance yet. That said, I did my first post-graduate run today and tried upping speed and incline (on my treadmill), but had to walk for 2 minutes at around 20 minutes, before running the rest (to make it 30 minutes running). I am going to carry that on until - and for a while after, I've accomplished it, so I do know what you mean.

wizzbangGraduate in reply to NickiCS

I don't mind but I had read somewhere about eating a banana an hour before hand to give you more energy, I don't think that worked! if anything I felt very hot today!

Dunder2004Graduate in reply to wizzbang

Eating a banana will make pretty much no difference to your energy levels for a 30 minute run. The primary source of energy that your body will use is its stores of glycogen and you will not be close to depleting those until you get to the 13-15k range. Eating prior to a run is more about not feeling famished during/after the run.

Don't worry at all about your slower pace today. Just continuing to run will see you continuing to build stamina and, by extension, speed.


Now that you can run for 30 minutes - just continue doing that 3 times per week at the same slow pace - until it becomes "easy" for you. It WILL become easier for you - right now running for 30 minutes ( even though you can do it) is still a shock to your system :) After about a month of this, you can then try to go a bit faster - and then faster - and then faster again!! :)


Ha ha 😀 Why do you whisper green grass ..... 😆 well done Lofty? Keep going. Never quit. Slow is absolutely fine and dandy. There is no need to hurry. Tortoise mode is grrrrrrrrrreat!

You can do something about getting quicker way on down the line when you have put in the required leg work. Your legs will tell you when that is. It's good fun, mostly, but only if you keep going steady.

Why tell them all the old thing ...... I will be singing that all darned day now 😀

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