Getting slower !!!

Does anyone else find that they are getting slower at parkrun ?? I had thought I would be ok today with the cooler weather but I managed to over heat !!! Back to the speed and stamina podcasts I think. Going to see a physio re calf muscles on Tuesday so hoping that will help. Trying to take the positives as I felt so bad on Tuesday that I would not have expected to do parkrun today. Feeling demoralised though.


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15 Replies

  • There are a number of reasons why some runs are slower. Dehydration, lack of sleep, general tiredness, not the right food, etc etc. And sometimes we just run slower for no particular reason.

    Look on the positive. You got up early on a wet November Saturday to run a 5K with other people, and you did that! Surely that was better than staying in bed! I have missed this but why did you feel so bad on Tuesday? Was it your calves?

    Also, are you doing parkrun every week? If so it might be worth thinking about going once every month say. That way, it gives you a fair amount of time to work on your speed.

  • I don't know how I ever achieved my current PB at parkrun -- but a friend of mine says that he does know. He says that I actually tried on that day!!! :) - on the other days I go , he says that I don't try!! - and I guess I would have to agree with him... But I don't WANT to "try" every week, so my answer to this "problem" is to give myself a goal time for every parkrun , goal times which are mostly much less than my PB. So - yesterday, something ( which I won't bore you with) was happening at my local parkrun and I wanted to run slowly ( actually I wanted to run 40 minutes for the 5k as opposed to my 29:16PB) - so that is what I did. I find it to be "satisfying" to run a random time that I have previously nominated.

  • Thanks Bazza, I like the idea of running a random time !

  • Thanks IP! There are definitely positives as you say, Calf muscles are a problem at the moment but going for some physio on Tuesday. Good luck with your running x

  • Hi Girly ! Yes I agree with Princess on this .

    Sometimes there can be reasons and sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to it and its just one of those things but yes definitely take the positive from it , you did 5k and thats a great achievement !

    Good Luck with your physio and Well done for today ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy! Really good to see that you are a mentor - you will be fab! xxx

  • Aw thanks Girly ! :-) xxx

  • Hi girly, I haven't got near my last PB at park run for ages, however, my gremlins are much more under control and I have improved in confidence at actually being able to do 5k. I've noticed my body doesn't go into 'panic' mode when I start running. I'd never say it's easy, but more 'normal'.

    I think we are so impatient, if you think of today's olympians, they started at school, in their teens, they don't reach their peak until their twenties, several years of 'learning' for the mind and the body - ancient mum always has some good tips on this.

    So, I would say, don't overthink it, enjoy it and rejoice in what your body can do, don't be demoralised, hang in there, you're fab! I bet you can do more than you could a year ago........


  • Thanks Madge! Good point, this time last year things were a bit different ! x

  • Wouldn't worry, I've had that, has taken me a while to pickup the pace, but at the end of the day happy to achieve 5k....

  • Thanks Dave, true that a 5k that takes 40 mins is just as far as one that takes 20!

  • Don't be! I think this is par for the course and something we all go through. I know I certainly did.

    If you are eating well, and doing all the right things, then things will look up. You have to be strong enough to support your running and only practice and dogged determination will get you there. Your running legs take time to build up. Slow running is good for them so don't worry. Any work you can do to build up your legs, core and upper body strength is all to the good. It's all in the calves they say! Walking, hiking, cycling, swimming etc etc is all good

  • Thanks Miss W ! Trying to stay positive ! Good luck with your running !

  • Think of the achievement - you got up early - on a Saturday! And ran - ran 5k, whilst many many more were still sleeping!

    Be proud x

  • Thanks JB ! Appreciate that ! x

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