The difference a year makes

This is for all the newbies struggling through the first few weeks of the programme. It's a year since I was half way through the programme. It took me way over 9 weeks to finish it (I repeated a lot of weeks and had more than a day off between runs). I almost gave up. I'm in my late 40s, asthmatic, not overweight but hadn't really done any exercise since school apart from walking.

The difference? Last week I was away on a gruelling field course in 30+ degrees heat, teaching kids geography/geology and found it was them who were struggling to keep up with me! I strolled up and down mountains and hiked miles every day. And realised I could never have done this last year if it wasn't for this programme.

So don't give up, if I can do it, anyone can. I still run 2-3 times a week, not fast - although I have my moments when I put on a spurt of speed. But the difference in my fitness has amazed me. And... my asthma has improved dramatically.

Take care all. Remember it's not about doing 5k in 30 minutes, it's not about speed, it's about getting out there and improving yourself for you.


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13 Replies

  • You said it. Absolutely spot on.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I usually smile like a loon when I run! Even when out of breath etc. Because I'm doing something I was 'rubbish' at in PE at school and actually loving it. So I think of my hated PE teacher and think "if only you could see me now..."

  • Totally agree. All aspects of life are improved by the fitness.

  • Very wise words! Happy running :-)

  • Great post and I totally agree the effects of doing the programme (and continuing at whatever pace and frequency suits) are fantastic.

  • couldnt have put it better if I tried, great post

  • Love your post. Was feeling a bit fed up today. I'm a graduate and trying to lose weight slowly and sensibly and hit a bit of a wall with it all. Not seeing so much weight loss and frustrated. But thank you for your positive post

  • Chappa - are you sure it's not muscle? Muscle is denser than fat and so weighs more. You may not realise that you've actually become more toned. I've found that my legs are quite muscular now - especially my calves. Just keep going.

  • Well I don't weigh myself do not sure about that

  • Chappa: if you are doing everything right, but stuck on a plateau, step away from the calorie counting for a week. Eat healthily, but indulge like a cavewoman. All these lovely summer fruits are ripe, eat as much as you can before they are gone! And if a bit of cream, or scones, or crumble topping is needed to help them down so be it.

    I have heard that doing so can shake up your metabolism and kick it back into gear. You dont have to binge on bad for you food, just indulge in more of the good stuff than a strict calorie regime might allow.

    It's just a week.

  • Marvellous! Succinctly put! Well done Smelly !! You must feel really chuffed with yourself. It's amazing what we can do when we put our minds and bodies to it.

    Chappa! What's up duck? Weight not shifting? Hmmmmm. If you are running 3 times a week and eating healthily then something should be happening. Try changing your menu for a week. Eat different main meals(to your usual ones) every day for a week and see what happens. We can so easily get stuck in a rut, mealwise, eating the same things all the time. Shake it up and that might just kick start your weight loss. Good luck

  • Fab post , yep , says it all ! :-) xxx

  • Someday, those students will think back to their teacher, who was So Fit and hopping around when they were dragging! And then, they will discover c25k.

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