Am I a convert?!

Morning all! Going from a literal couch potato who avoided exercise at all costs, I decided to start C25K.....and I love it!! (I'm even taking my running gear on my short break next week!!) I'm only on W3 (did R2 last night) but it gives me such a buzz!! At this point in time though, I really cannot imagine being able to run for 20 mins, let alone 30 or more!! Do most people repeat weeks? I've decided to give each one a go and if I find it too much, repeat the previous one until I feel ready - does that sound sensible? At the moment, trying to avoid off lead dogs and teenagers' comments is the hardest bit!! 🤣


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9 Replies

  • Isn't it fantastic! I felt the same. Never thought I could run for that long.

    I've been around this forum for a year and it is my impression that many but not most people need to repeat runs. But you are not most people. You are you, and you just have to trust the programme. If you complete one run, you are ready for the next. Seriously!

  • Yes, you are an addict, like the rest of us running junkies.

    Iben said it. Just do what you need to, but if you complete a run, then the programme has prepared you for the next challenge.

  • Well done in your success and keep going, you are doing great. As others have said, if ypu do the run, move on. But if you need to repeat a practice run (we dont use the f word on this forum), then that's absolutely fine. Its your journey, enjoy😀🏃🏻‍♀️

  • Good for you. I hope you never lose that buzz!

    Take it one session at a time! Go steady. No dramas 😀

  • I wish I could actually go to plan but i end up just doing my own thing. I saw the phone app and itsjust another thing to manage aside from my tom tom app etc . Well done for getting motivated . Took me years :)

  • Ooh I love a plan! I don't plan anything else in my life though. Only runs 😀

  • I finished W3 last week and was convinced that I wouldn't manage W4, but decided to try it and then keep trying it till I got it right. I managed first time. It's so easy to look ahead at what's coming and scare yourself off doing it at all. I've now banned myself from looking aheah

  • You just do this, your way. We are all so different.. wonderfully! So if you wish to repeat.. you repeat :)

    You probably would be fine, as the programme is so structured...but, the idea is to enjoy!

    Avid the dogs and ignore the teenagers comments.. You are out there and doing this ;)

  • Repeat a week - or a specific run - just as much as you need to - that's what I did. There were some weeks I only managed to run once and I felt I wasn't able or ready to go on to the next week. My journey took me longer than 9 weeks, I think it took me about 12 or 14 but that's ok. I got there, and you will too. Enjoy.

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