Week 4 Run 1 - follow up to despondent thread!

I did it!! I am so, so grateful to every single one of you who took the time to support, encourage, advise and motivate me on my last thread. I set off really unsure if I could do it but I did! We went very slowly, but I managed it all and it really wasn't that bad. This programme is amazing, I know everyone says it but, if you follow the steps it really does carry you through! I am a bit proud of myself :D Here's to the next 2 runs this week!


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31 Replies

  • Fantastic ! Well done Sal ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you! Your reply on my previous post was so helpful, thank you poppypug

  • Ah thank you so much Sal xxx

  • Go you! Well done 😀

  • Thank you so much, I was so worried, I still can't quite believe I did it!

  • I believe you did it!! Well done! Can I say, "told ya so!!"? :-) enjoy the other runs this week - quite sure you will!

  • Haha thank you, you can of course say 'told ya so' so many of you lovely people helped me believe i could do it and it worked. The doom and gloom of last Friday is now a distant -ish memory after today! So pleased I did it, and quite looking forward to the rest of the week now :D xx

  • Just maybe you are "built for running" after all :-)

  • Hehe I will never say that I am not again, that's for sure! :D

  • You are right to be proud, and we are proud of you too! Take no notice of what your mind tells you when you're running, it's always wrong...xx

  • Haha I like that piece of advice and will carry it with me! Thank you for all your support!

  • Love that! Will bear that in mind for my next run, thanks!

  • You're right! The program is brilliant!!! I'd avoided running for over 50 years and now this year I'll be tackling my first marathon (albeit slowly!). I blame Laura :) . Keep it up, now and who knows where this running lark will take you. It's certainly changed my life for the better. Just keep ticking off those runs one by one - you will amaze yourself with just what you can do - and if you haven't yet, try out a parkrun, if you have one nearby. It's like a regular C25k fix and can really help you stick with the running once the 9 weeks are done.

  • I'm thinking I should try and find a park run near me for when I have finished the programme. I am shocked already with how much fitter I am, I am way less breathless doing ordinary things which is a massive boost!

  • You are on your way to the Graduate Table :) Well done :)

  • Thank you Irish-John I really, really hope so, I want to do it so badly!! :D

  • Well done!

  • Thank you!

  • Yeay!

    On the way.. steady and slowly does it.. and you will get there :)

    Be proud! Because, if you don't blow your own trumpet..no-one else will..( except us, of course ) :)

  • Thank you so much! Being slow and steady was definitely the key yesterday, really, really made all the difference. I am proud, I don't think I ever really thought I could get this far, now I am starting to think I might just go the whole way! xx

  • Oh you will ! x

  • Well done!

    You should be proud of yourself! More than a little bit ;) Go you!

    I have my W4R1 due today. You are giving me strength and faith! You are my muse ;)

  • Thank you so much, you will do great too, we can give each other strength and support, if I can do it, you will too :)

  • Woohoo! Well done :) Just keep taking the next ones as they come, slow down if you need to, slow down again :D and you will get there, no problem.

  • Haha thank you, I am so pleased, would have found it so much harder without everyone's help and support! Slow is definitely the way forward x

  • Well done! Pleased it was better than expected! I did my W4R1 yesterday and found it a bit of a killer tbh (started running too fast as had to go past lots of workmen 😄) but I kept going whereas the old me would have given up, so am still claiming that as a win!!

  • Woohoo, go Liz, very well done! I would have had to speed up past workmen too :P x

  • Thanks! We will get there! 🏃

  • We will indeed, I have just done run 2 which was not without its traumas, I lost a dog halfway through, cue lots of running and shouting frantically! Then a kind man drove round the corner with her in his car :O lol

  • Brilliant! That has made me smile! And think of all that extra running you got in!

  • Nearly finished me off!! She is staying at home from now on :P

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