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10% increase per week, post C25K

I start w9 today so almost there. And naturally I'm thinking, what next......

I would love to be able to run for an hour. I'd be so proud

I read somewhere (or maybe I dreamt it) its not good to increase the length of time of run by more than 10%, no arguments there from me and I came up with the idea that if I add 3 mins of time per week onto the runs post C25K - after the next 9 weeks, I'll be there.

One hour


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Yes, the "10% rule" is 'a thing'.

The most common way to gradually extend distance is to do one longer run each week, rather than all of them. Maybe consider doing two 30 minute runs each week, with your longer run increasing from 30 to 35 and then to 40 and so on.


I would spend a few weeks just consolidating your 30 mins or 5k runs first - I think we are considered new runners for about two years, so be aware of not pushing too hard too soon. The injury couch is a lonely place to be! Thereafter, the 10% rule had been used by many of us. As Dunder suggests, two shorter 5ks plus one gradually extended as your weekly long run is a good pattern that works for many. Incidentally, that 10% applies to your weekly total, so for example, from 3 x 5ks you would move to 2 x 5ks and one 6.5k. This is the max though, some weeks you will probably find you fall well within this, especially in the early days. If you pop over to the 'Bridge to 10k' forum you will meet many from here who are already on this journey or have been there too. As always, best advice is to listen to your body - there is all the time you need to build up that distance, especially if you view this as a change for life. What I can absolutely guarantee, is that we all get good days and bad days, progress and plateaus but it is so worth it!🙂 Enjoy the journey!

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