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The urgency to get out has past now I have graduated and I'm really cross with myself. I haven't got a proper routine yet so reading everyone's posts wrenches my conscience! So this morning I set off having not done a run since last Friday! How naughty! I do play tennis between times so am not a complete pudding.

Today I thought, dyou know? I'm sick of me and Julie getting stuck in the middle. So having downloaded the postc25k podcasts I thought I'll give the stepping stone a go. My goodness! Nice to have Laura back but she's a bit fierce! When she told me what was in store I thought I have made a terrible mistake, here. The pace she describes sounds frightful, and if that's not bad enough it gets faster! Eeek! The music sounds very fast and sounds very professional for strong young bloods in Lycra, ski sunglasses and designer stubble. However, once the music gets going and she counts you in, the first pace was a little slower than I would normally go. Yeah, that makes me sound super speedy but you know what I mean! I was able to keep pace with the music right the way through, but my stride got shorter as I got tired or went uphill. However, the pace at the end was faster than I would normally be by then and it took longer than the five minute cool down to get back to normal breathing, so I really feel I made progress today. The music is phenomenal, you really can't help but keep pace with it. I'm really impressed. It's done by audiofuel and I believe they do all sorts of run playlists. Well, that's me sold!

Ok so I can keep pace. Now I've got to work on kicking my heels up. When I did, my stride was longer quite naturally. It takes more effort though, as does actively moving my arms, instead of just holding them lightly at the side. I'm confident a few weeks of this will increase my pace. Then I must work on running for longer than half an hour. There. Lots of targets, that should get me back in the routine!


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17 Replies

  • Well done!

    Audiofuel rocks!

  • Good! Well done. Great programme. I run them all the time. Just keep them on your playlist and run them as they crop up

    Have fun!

  • Go you! We'll done! I haven't tried the other podcasts yet. You have convinced me to give it a go - I need to vary my running a bit, so I reckon that working on speed once a week could be fun and help me to improve my time.

  • Audiofuel even do podcasts in French if you fancy :-)

  • Yay! With French music? If they've got 1980's French rock, I'll be on it in a flash :)

  • Wow what an inspirational post! Well done you. I too have been sitting back polishing my graduate badge, just doing the 30 mins three times a week (two of which are inside all cozy on the treadmill at 7.6 km per hour. Not pushing myself.

    I had planned to wait til spring to start increasing my time/speed but after reading your post will take a look at stepping stones myself....

    I's your real name Laura by any chance?


  • Brilliant.. well done you.

    I missed the routine of Couch to 5K so, I started the Stepping Stone after Graduation.. did three Stepping Stone, ( day run, day off etc, just like Couch to 5K) then I did the Speed, same thing.. which really suited me and I really enjoyed it. Should have started the Stamina podcasts, .but the snow had other ideas..:(

    I just love having Laura back, even if as you say she is a bit fierce; the first time I did the warm up walk, I thought.. this is a bit fast ! The music beat does make it easier as you say.

    it is, a lot to focus on, heels, arms, fists etc..but it does come, I am loving it, just wish the snow would ease a little.. the pavements and lanes are like ice rinks!

    I think we give the Lycra clad lads and lasses a run for their money too.. you should see my funky leggings! :)

    Good luck with it and keep us posted! :)

  • I need to get some proper leggings! Frighten the horses!

  • Go you...mine are purple grey! The leggings, not my legs! 😊

  • Thanks, that's a timely post for me. Downloaded the podcasts yesterday and had a listen but I unfortunately downloaded the ones with a VERY long introduction. Drove me nuts, so I downloaded the ones without. Have a bit of a dodgy knee since my last run so not sure when I'll run next but will try the stepping stones one when I do.

  • I've only done it once but I was really pleased

  • Ah brilliant OT !

    Yes they are really good I agree . Some really good tips from Laura on there too .

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • What are these podcasts of which you speak? I too have struggled to get myself out of the door on occasion since completing the course so anything that challenges me would be welcome! I'm struggling to think of goals...........

  • Go back to the nhs site you got the originals and there they are. Quite excited about doing all of them!

  • I'm a big fan of these podcasts. I was a bit intimidated initially but once I got the hang of them I was hooked. They helped with my pace and having a stern version of Laura keeps me going. I found the speed one the scariest - I avoided it but I loaded it up by mistake one day and went with it. A great session if you're pushed for time - you know you've done some exercise after that!

  • Thanks for your post. I've lost my motivation since completing C25K a few weeks ago and have only run a couple of times since. I'm surprised at myself because I was totally committed to C25K and have signed up to do a sponsored 5k run in March! I'm downloading the Stepping Stone, Speed and Stamina podcasts just now and hope that gets me back on track.

  • Well done!! Can't get through the Stamina one yet but I can do 30 minutes and was delighted to see how much further I had travelled was too tired to do the last 5 minute burst but was pleased with the progress I had made! Git to get a grip tho! Have got a 10k in September! Eek!

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