Does it get better

So after the crazy experiment with Stamina I went back to week 9. Funnily I found it harder than before. I thought after a couple of weeks running would become easier but I struggled through it. Next I did stepping Stine again. It was tough and was feeling really bad at the end but when looked at my timing pace had gone up! That picked me right up at least I'm seeing some progress :)

However I wonder at what point the runs get easier. When does the body adjust? A nutritionist suggested incorporating protein to build muscle. What do you do to increase your energy levels before a run?


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  • My experience seems to be that it gets better, but only when you take a step back. So running for 30 mins may be hard - but then do a 20 min run and see how much easier it is! I'm not one of these people who finds it effortless and can go for hours - seriously, the thought of aspiring to anything over a 10k is horror to me! - but if I look at how far I've come, and how my pace and stamina gradually improve, it explains why it's always a bit difficult...

  • That's encouraging. Thanks

  • And having written that yesterday, I went out for a 30-min run last night expecting it to be really tough as I hadn't run in over a week - and it wasn't. Just felt good, start to finish! One to treasure;)

  • Well that's the rub, isn't it? When it starts to get easy, we tend to push a little harder, and it doesn't feel so easy anymore - I see what RainbowC is saying there - and if you slow it down when you need to, it does feel a little easier. After my accidental marathon yesterday (and running for 50 minutes - don't ask), 30 minutes is going to feel like a breeze I'm sure! lol It's really all perspective. As Laura says it's more about distance covered than speed. That'll come later. Relax and enjoy!!

  • Accidental? Lol. Hehe this is marathon not a sprint though. Will take a while

  • Not that many of us are at the level of this lady, but I found this interesting:

  • Useful info. Thanks

  • Just go with it... run your path and see where it takes you.

    As the others say it all varies.. and some runs that should be so hard are just like a walk in the park, quite literally, and others feel like a route march :)

    Celebrate every little milestone... focus on the best bits and learn from the grotty bits..

    Success? A series of small victories... :)

  • Will keep at it m hard but I see the benefit

  • If you are only a couple of weeks out from graduation, as you imply, then you are still a very new runner, with only a few hours of total running time on the clock. There is no quick fix. Just keep it up and make sure that least one run per week is done with no reference to pace, just pleasure and you will make progress.

  • Thanks that makes good sense

  • I see what the problem is Gitts.. you are not wearing your Graduate badge..😊

    Once you have done your 3 week 9 runs you ask for your badge on the pinned posts Graduation badges for February at the bottom (or side) of the page.

    Once you have this in place I feel sure your running will feel

    Do some more 30 mins then take a look at Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k to change things up a bit. 😊

  • Lol. The missing ingredient. Thanks for showing me how to get it

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