Couch to 5K

Does it get easier?

Well this is my first blog, I have just finished Wk2 r3 last night, it doesn't seem to get much easier as yet. I am nearly 50 a little overweight and although have been visiting the gym twice a week for the last year it was half hearted and so I am not that fit. I cancelled my membership to save some money but wanted to have some kind of weekly exercise. I found the podcast by chance and thought I would give it a go. So far all i have done is run up and down the lane at the back of my house, apart from a few dog walkers its pretty quiet which suits me. However the scenery is getting a bit repetitive :-) and if I do ever manage to do the longer runs then I need somewhere else, i really don't like the idea of plodding along by the road and would love a nice big park to run around but not sure how to go about finding a suitable one. I live near Bracknell, does anyone know of any local to me.

At this moment in time I can't imagine running for 3 minutes, even though the 1 and a half wasn't that bad, but 3.............................................oooh er

and finally Does it get any easier ???????????????? please say yes!!!!!

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Yes it does. I started 7 weeks ago, and did nothing much at all. Ok I am 37, but I have a BMI of 31, which is a little tubby. I have asthma and so breathingis difficult occaisonally. I finished the 25 minute run and feel great. It is a bit weird to begin with doing the minute and minute and a half, but next week you are onto 3 minutes, then 5 then 8. Trust me you can do it, and it is possible.

Get yourself a 1:25000 OS map of your area, and study it. Every night I look at mine and plan a new route. I often get lost the first time I do it, but not ot worry, there's always another time. If there is a park nearby, drive or cycle to it and do your run. I'm lucky I'm surrounded by fields so every day is a new route.

Just keep at it and let us know how you are getting on. You'll be a runner soon.


Thanks for the tips I have looked around websites to try and find some big parks and there are a few fields around me but not sure how accessible they are, guess it time to find out :-)


Yes, it does get easier :)

I joined (free, or 66p to join - to switch off the ads!) because people upload measured routes there. It shows 55 routes of 3 miles length in the Bracknell area - I don't know it myself, but some of them start next to parks. "Waitrose - twice round the lake" sounds interesting!!


I had a look at Mapmyrun and saw some routes on there, still trying to pluck up the courage to run around roads though !!! and being seen by someone while I am huffing and puffing along. I never realised how long 30 minutes is, I am sure its mroe like an hour !!!!!!!!


I think week 5 is momentous. I'm 63 never been sporty and have never run in my life because I didn't believe I could - I thought I was getting old and over the hill - but was inspired to give it a go. I'm a bit overweight but not more than a stone - I was a heavy smoker too. Week five is when the goalposts change considerably - I was dreading it but you know what - it was ok and the feeling of elation after running 20 mins was amazing. It spurs you on. Week 6 is harder than you think because of the elation of week 5 but stick with it because then it gets easier. I'm now doing 25 mins and I'm fine by the end of it (I know I could carry on but I don't because the program works so well, I trust it and don't want to injure myself.

So in short - yes it gets easier but trust in Laura completely and get the pace right.


I am also less than a stone overweight and am trying to eat more healthily as well to shift a bit (much harder as every decade passes :-) )

Not sure when i will be able to start week 3 as yet as my Mum goes into hospital today and I won't get a chance over the next couple of days, if so I may do one more run from week 2 just to keep up the momentum, as it seems that everyone suggests doing everything at your own pace . I must say its so good to come on here and read everyones experiences and the motivation and support from all the 'bloggers' is such a help..


Hello and yes it does get easier. I agree with Peter that pace is the key. It definitely helped me that I took Laura at her word when she suggests you do no more than a light jog if it means you can keep up for the "running" interval times.

And talk about "if I can do it then anyone can"! I am 50, was over 3 stone overweight when I started C25K in November last year and hadn't run since school, 35 years ago!

Good luck .


Its great to hear of success , have you managed to lose any weight? and how did you manage through the winter? it is the idea of warmer weather and light evenings that has pushed me to starting this, so not sure how I would be 6 months from now :-)


Winter rocks, it does play havoc with those with weak lungs, but it is brilliant.

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. I run in jogging boTtoms, a sports t-shirt layer it's one of those tops which gets the sweat away, a lightweight berghaus fleece, hat and gloves. Bit chuilly for the first 5 minutes, but after that toasty as.

WRT weight, don't expect miracles, if anything your weight will go up. Basically you will be buyilding muscle and bone density. After about week 5 it should start dropping off. It hasn't for me but I have been eating loads of junk on my bad days. Running outside is a great laugh.


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