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Week 9 by accident

I was due to start my first week 8 run today so set Laura going and off I went. Coped with the strong head wind and then my legs began to give up on me on an uphill section. It was only at that point did I realise that I should have already finished running - but why was the music still playing?

I was not going to stop before the music so turned round and ran back the way I had come. The dulcet tones of Laura finally announced I had run for 30 minutes.

30 minutes?? I was meant to run for 28! At that Point I realised I had started week 9 podcast.

So I have come from barely running 60 seconds to running for 30 minutes in an amazing 6 and a half weeks!

I am proof the program works. Of course now I have 5 more 30 minute runs to complete to fully end the program. I managed 4.2km today so my aim is to try and improve that distance.

I feel on top of the world now, having recovered!

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Ha ha! Well done! Am-a-zing! Good innit when things come together. You got a Brucie Bonus there (to quote the famous Pops). She'll be along in a minute to congratulate you

Enjoy the rest of your day! Happy running!


Ha Alexa well done😊

Now you won't have the self-doubt about the extra minutes to worry about..

Go you ..the podium is within touching distance.. stretch...😊xx

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Wow... excuses now.. you KNOW you can do it.. well done you... !!!!!!!!!!!


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