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W5R3 where did some of those minutes go?!

After reading all these brilliant posts encouraging us newbies to keep going and it is possible, I gave myself a firm telling off after my rubbish attempt at W5R3 on Monday.

I bought some compression sleeves to help with the pain in my shins, loosened my trainers as they were causing some problems then went to the gym to conquer the treadmill as the weather is really bad outside. I switched on the Internet on the treadmill and watched an episode of Car Share. Seen it loads of times but it really took my mind off the dreaded 20 minutes!

It really is mind over matter for me. At 5 minutes I said to myself that I was a quarter done, just before 7 minutes - a third done, 10 mins - half done so keep going. Then I'm not too sure what happened as the next moment I thought about the time I realised I only had 3 minutes left! My legs were aching but I kept going, especially as at 1 minute left I said out loud, "Keep moving woman!" Nobody seemed to notice as I'd spent nearly 25 giggling at the tv!

I did it! I actually did it! Just hope I can do the same out on the street but now I know I have the mental ability to keep going I think I might just get there.

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Well done!! You're so right, it really is mind over matter. Sounds like a great run. You just ran for 20 minutes!!! :)


Sounds like you had a very good run - I found running on a treadmill soul destroying - gave up my gym membership a few years ago so now I have to brave the bad weather or not go. I try to tell myself that if I sign up for a 5k or 10k I have to take what the weather throws at me! Sometimes it even works.


Brilliant.. very well done! Small chunks can work!

On the street.. you say things like..just to that tree... just to the corner... just past that post box.. it does take your mind off the time. I just compose rhymes, stories and generally look around, and then ramble on here in my posts!

Go you.. on to Week 6...it can be a tricky little blighter.. but you are ready for it and take it slow and steady! :)

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I only ever run outside and can't even image anything else. I make lists, compile poems, decide what's for tea. The time just flies by. I usually take music with me if the streets are not too busy.

A new route is always s good plan as you stay engaged.

Have fun 😀


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