Parkrun success!

Parkrun success!

After the debacle that was me going the wrong way on the Parkrun last week I actually managed it this week! I was debating all night whether to go this morning or not; so much so that I dreamt about it! In the end, when the alarm went off I just threw myself out of bed and got on with it. Husband and Dudley Dog came along for support and I was off. They have altered the route a little at the moment because the park is so swampy but I've still WRECKED my trainers with the muddy puddles! I was aware that I was a bit faster; running with other people makes you up your speed and I knew I was more tired than usual. In addition the return leg was right into the sun which I hate so I was a pink blob when I crossed the line at 31:49 - a PB for me on 5k which put me 69th out of 86! Pretty pleased with that for a first time. I'm still in awe of those running it in literally half the time. They must eat 3 Shredded Wheat (other stringy cereals are available) :-)


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36 Replies

  • Fabulous, great time and well done!! Your pic brought a tear to my eye as your shoes are the same as my ones that have sadly passed away...believe you me, mine looked alot worse than that towards the end!!!! have a great day!!

  • Really! Haha! I was gutted when I got a tiny speck on them last week and now look! I suppose if nothing else it makes us look 'hardcore'! ;-) They're certainly great shoes Ju; I've had no knee or hip pain (touch wood) since I've had them. Thank you :-)

  • Well done! I'm really looking forward to doing one but need a few more weeks C25K under my belt first. I've printed my barcode, I've printed the map off and I think I'll try and walk the local one sometime just to get a feel for where it goes (it goes through some woods so I may well get lost too!).

    31:49 must be something you're happy with? that sounds great to me!

    I saw a Facebook post from my local Parkrun today and apparently 352 people ran today - wow !

  • Wow! That's a bit turnout astilla! Big bigger than ours here! It's fun (you feel the pressure! I did anyway) and they make you welcome. I had my barcode printed onto those little plastic tags (like your keyring Clubcard!) which I wear on my bracelet. There's a link from the Parkrun website to the company that do them. They were only about £3 and you get a few, Worth doing. Good luck! :-)

  • Well done Jen. I did my first parkrun this morning. Kept thinking about your experience last week and praying it wouldn't happen to me! (Sorry)

    My 11 year old daughter ran with me which was lovely, she got given a time 5 mins quicker than me which she is pleased as punch about as we came in back of the pack 30 seconds apart! Lol!

    Glad you had a great run, it was a beautiful morning in Hampshire.

  • Ah, well done Sallyal! Sounds like a much more positive first experience than mine! Lovely to run with your Daughter too. It was a lovely morning.

  • Yes -- I do wonder about these Parkrun times. I got my PB on my very first Parkrun - and have never been able to beat it yet despite running 4 times per week for the last 2 months since then. :)

  • That's a good time - and you did not come any where near last! WELL DONE! I am still making excuses for not getting out and doing one. I tried once and had eaten breakfast and had to stop halfway round first of 3 laps feeling utterly ghastly. Nervous about putting myself there again! But you did really well! Nice one!

  • Thanks Beek. I did it on an empty stomach and was OK. I celebrated my PB with PButter when I got home in celebration! Go for it! It's good fun. :-)

  • If I'm up very early I might have a banana before park run but mostly I do it on an empty stomach otherwise, like you, I feel like I'm going to throw up and I hate that feeling. definitely recommend giving it another go. Once you've done it once you'll love it, I'm sure.

  • I've just got back from 10.21km so I know I would be able to complete it. You are right - it's time to give it another go!

  • Wow Jen that's fantastic , bet your hubby's proud well done x

  • Thanks matey. Yes, I think he was expecting to be standing at that finish line with the dog for a little longer than he did!

  • Well done! I am looking forward to my first parkrun once I finish the programme, I just did W4R2 today so a little way off yet. You mentioned these tags with your barcode on and a link on the site but I can't find it. Do you have it at all? :)

  • Hi Trizzy. You have to register first here: and then once you've done that they will send you a barcode by email. Once you have that you can go here (ERS): and enter your barcode number and they give you an option of how you'd like your barcode printed. Most people go for the little ones as they pop in your pocket.

    Well done for getting as far as week 4. You're doing great and it will be week 9 before you know it. Good luck! :-)

  • Super well done for getting back out there and you did a fantastic time - great news :-)

  • Thank you Suzy :-)

  • I'm so glad you got back into it, well done Jenwrenarm! Those little barcode tags are very handy & unlike my old laminated ones they scan first time every time, good work spreading the word. :-)

  • Thanks notbad. They're really handy and so cheap. Cheaper than doing them yourself actually!

  • Glad you gave it another shot Jen And what a fantastic time Well done you I think your shoes look great -- like they really enjoyed the run

  • That's a nice way of looking at it! Thank you :-)

  • Haha! That's a nice way of looking at it! Thank you Fitfor60. Sounds like you had fun too :-)

  • Wow! That sounds fast to me. Congratulations. I'm planning to do a Park Run when I graduate and I rather hoped that there would be a few more plodders than your post suggests!

  • Hi zizzy if you check your local park run results you will get an idea of times Today I was 500 th out of 523 runners and times ranged from 15.34 to 47.46 It doesn't matter if you are plodder In fact at my run us at the back get huge support from faster folk and volunteers It's great goal to aim for

  • hey -- I'm the one who speaks for plodders around here!! :)

    Yesterday at Parkrun , I followed an old lady (even older than me!) who was running with a tiny dog. This dog was TINY!!!!! I did notice that the ladies mode of dress and her LONG legs told me that she had been running for many years -- but that dog annoyed me. I mean, I have short legs - and that is why I claim to be a poor slow runner -- but that dog's legs were only about 3 inches long - and he/she was getting along at the same rate as the old lady (and me) - and to make it even more annoying, this dog wasn't even puffing!!!

    So anyway - I showed him/her up and flashed past both of them in the last 100 metres , I wasn't going to be beaten by an old lady and a dog with 3 inch legs!!!!!

  • Ha ha! Made me smile. Does prove though that Park run welcomes all shapes and sizes!

  • Haha! Brilliant. Well done Bazza. You sure showed them!

  • That cracked me up!

  • Thanks for that. I'm looking forward to it but nervous at the same time.

  • Oh no, there are people of all ages and abilities there Zizzy; don't be alarmed! You have a front group who zoom off into the distance and then you have the people with doggies and older people (although not necessarily - some are up the front!) at the back with a wedge in the middle. I sort of stuck at the back in the middle but found that my pace took me past some of them which was great!

  • Glad you had a good run this week. I went for my first parkrun this morning and loved it. Met fitfor60 there too.

  • Ah, that was nice! Did you have to wear a daffodil or something so you'd recognise each other? ;-) Well done on your first.

  • Well done for going back and getting on with it! So glad you did so well.

  • Thank you. Feels good to have got the first one under my belt!

  • Fantastic, and a new PB. Got to be pleased with that. There is nothing like running in a crowd, you just seem to get towed along, and great times result.

    Those shoes will clean up, and soon be shiny and bright again. :-)

  • Well, not sure about that. They're going to take ages to dry! Good excuse for buying a second pair...? ;-) Thanks Nerdio.

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