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Started today and didn't cheat


Hi everyone. I signed for 5k run in May for charity and I started today with this program. I managed not to cheat, my pace was bad but I am happy I did it. I hope it will get easier. I am overweight but I am also on diet, so I am treating it as my exercises:) last time I run in primary school, so around 25 years ago. I am happy to join this group.

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Welcome! There is no bad pace, we like to encourage people to run very slowly. Pace can improve after graduation if you decide you like speed. I signed up under similar circumstances a few years back - a race was on the horizon and I needed to learn to run. It's a great motivator and you'll have a great time at your race.

Thank you. I will keep everyone posted. This help not to give up :)

Welcome! It's good to have a goal, but I found that I had to throw mine out the window - my body didn't cooperate and I had to start over. I have a new goal, but I'm holding onto it lightly, just in case luck is against me.

Natalia00 in reply to Lauracorin

True. You can only do what you can do. Hope it will work out your way. I am hoping for the best :) good luck


Take it slow and steady :) Keep it fun on some level and remember - there are no 'Fails' 'round here, only Practice Runs and Success Runs ;) Wishing you the very best on what is a genuinely life changing process - one step at a time :)

Natalia00 in reply to Irish-John

Thank you. I do walk a lot at work, around 6 miles a day, so I think that helps. Learning how to breathe while running is a big problem for me.

Now-runner_NeedsAttnGraduate in reply to Natalia00

It is for everyone. C25K is about gently preparing your body to run but also about learning some techniques for running.

One crucial point that I found out late - the end goal is to run for 30 minutes, how far that is doesn't matter, it's whatever ever your body is capable of. So follow runswithdogs advice above.

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to Natalia00

Adjust your running to your breathing :) Probably the most common error by a long shot of newbies AND graduates is starting off too fast :)

Take it slow...Then slower still. I was almost walking my route faster than I was running it the first few weeks. You use a different dynamic running though than walking and it's a about building up stamina/endurance rather than speed/distance. The 5K comes AFTER, graduating for the vast majority :)

Natalia00 in reply to Irish-John

That's very good advice. Thank you


Hi Natalia! I am new to this too and still completing each run at snail's pace, it's amazing how quickly you get fitter though, I'm on W3 and feel so much better already. Stick with it!

Thanks:) I will try my best. Hopefully I will get to week 9 :)


Hi Natalia ! You will get to the ninth week ! Just take it nice and slow at first and when you feel ready if you want, to increase your speed. The main thing is to enjoy it. I'm only onto W5 R2 but enjoying it. I came to do ct5k after damaging my back. I had previously been a runner but after back issues I thought that this would be good for me and it is ! For me it's more structured which is what I like. I too am doing 5k in May and race for life in July. So keep going girl and welcome aboard 😀😄

Hopefully we will manage:)

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