Now, do I have a soak in bath or do I tackle that 20 mins run?!

Well, hello everyone. I decided to go for it and get that week5run3 done. Can't say much for my breathing though! Very poor although I must say I did a very slow run on a slight incline for the first half and turned round and enjoyed it more on the return. Not feeling comfortable with the daylight also.......I do feel old and passed it but have to say that at least I did it!

Will have to somehow ignore the paranoid gremlins I seem to have!

Hope all you runners are well........


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12 Replies

  • You did it....that says it all..!

    Old...past it...? Just nonsense! I could say can't!!

    You squish those pesky gremlins..every step you take !!

  • Thankyou Oldfloss. You always give me encouragement and make me feel that I've got to learn to think differently.

  • Just believe in yourself.. you are your best friend :)

  • Wear your age with pride! You are of "a certain age" but you're not in your bath chair, you're out there doing something to stay fit and healthy. I struggled with my breathing going uphill for a long time before finding out that I just needed to take it slightly more slowly and just put one front in front of the other until I'd got to the top - and then there was that lovely downhill bit where the years fell away and I could *run* rather than shuffling along.

  • Ha ha, love that bath chair image😄Yeah.... Keep going and hope the breathing thing gets better! Before I need my bath chair 😄😄😄 the downhill bit is good though isn't it?!

  • Well done. I don't enjoy the daylight either. Week 5 run 3 is my next one. It should have been today but I did a slow parkrun (more walking than run) yesterday so today is a day of rest...will probs give it a try on Tuesday now. I can not imagine doing 20 miutes, if I do it I will be amazed... well done you!!!

  • Thankyou MotherPip, hope the twenty mins run goes is a good feeling when it's done.It helps if you think of that.

  • Well done

    It's the breathing that I still can't work out

  • Believe me, breathing is something I appreciate so much :) Asthma is no fun.

    Breathing easier comes with fitness so don't get discouraged :)

    I'm also beginning to think a lot of "cart before the horse" goes on.

    Instead of trying to fit my breathing to my running aspirations - I now fit my running to my level of breathing and enjoy the run so much more :)

  • "I do feel old and passed it but have to say that at least I did it!"


    This time last year, I will tell you what I felt like when all these people were whizzing past me whilst I am standing there gawping them. Old and passed it.


    Exactly a year from that point, I can shuffle/jog/move/crawl for 25 minutes continuously.


    It's only going to get better!

  • Well done! It's a big milestone in the programme and you did it!

    Please try not to worry what other people think. I bet you now notice runners much more than before you started? Non-runners barely notice you and other runners who do understand exactly what it is you're doing and probably have a lot of respect for you for doing it! I certainly have a lot of respect for people who keep running as they get older. I used to worry what people thought about me but gradually this reduced and it really is liberating.

    Onto Week 6 now! :)

  • There is a ninety four year old lady in a Nursing home who has an awful case of scoliosis or something that has bent her spine like a wishbone. Probably made worse by the fact she is almost six feet tall. She walks every day - in the grounds in good weather, miles around the hallways in bad.

    It is excruciating to see her move, there appears to be reduced hip flexibility also and she walks like - and I am not being disrespectful here but it's the only way I can describe it - a very off balance almost falling over stork.

    And what is everyone's reaction?

    "Isn't she wonderful not to give up on life"!

    Those who mock is vintage-types running are asshats and I always chuckle knowing they will be in the cardiac wards long before me if ever ;)

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