What is it that you don't do, now that you do run?

For the vantage point of the dreaded injury couch, I've been taking stock of my running journey and mulling over the differences running and, of course, this wonderful forum have made to my life in a few short months. Apart from the really positive aspects of being fitter and stronger; having a better self-image; having all you lovely cyber chums to chat to; and being able to run what were previously unimaginable distances, I've also looked at the inevitable negatIves. So what, apart from my knees, has suffered as a result of taking up running?

Well, for a start, my conversation skills: I seem to be unable to hold a conversation that doesn't revolve around running. Secondly, my baking: I've stopped almost all baking apart from bread (much to the family's irritation). Thirdly, my shoe addition: I've stopped drooling over expensive heels in favour of fantasising about running shoes. And finally, and most sadly, my violin playing. I've almost stopped playing my lovely violin, which is a huge shame because, although I'm not very good - in fact some might say terrible- I do love it.

So what have you stopped doing because you've started running? As for me, I'm using my enforced break on the IC to rekindle an old love. Happy running folks x

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46 Replies

  • I've started spending money to enter footraces -- which I cannot possibly win

  • :D Bazza, it's not the winning, it's the taking part! Lol :)

  • I think the violin and running should make freinds, I think they would go well together. Maybe part of a cool down routine when your better.

    I've lost my baking too but because my husband has just been diagnosed ceoliac. So finding my feet with gluten free.

    On the running front I don't do as much art as I used to. Two nights a week I have a few quiet hours to myself and I used to sit down and do digital art, but at the moment I'm too tired to feel artistic. I am trying to work at it as I think they are both good for me in different ways.

  • My violin used to be my stress buster. If I'd had a tough day I used to play my emotions way until I was calm but since starting running I've just been a much less stressy person all round, so haven't need that release.

    My daughter is very arty but, like you, can't create when she's tired. She was so looking forward to the end of her exams so she could just create for fun. But have to say, there's been an awful lot of sleeping going on and not much art recently lol

  • What an interesting post. I too think that the violin should make up part of your life again.

    I get up an hour earlier to run than I would otherwise do so nothing has had to make room for it, except sleep.

    However I have lost two things - weight (over a stone) and also I have lost a huge proportion of the anxiety that I used to carry around all day every day! My life hasn't changed, but I have :)

  • Congratulations on the weight loss, that's brilliant. I know exactly what you mean about running reducing your day to day anxieties. I used my violin for that before I started running, so now I guess I have two stress busting activities. I should be the most chilled person in the world :)

  • AM, I play flute for my own enjoyment and haven't had it out of its case since I began this running obsession. Also, my shopping habits have changed...my heart races when I get in the vicinity of a running store...I can spend hours looking at the gear. ;)

  • I'm a flute player as well. Do get it out, and notice how much better your lung capacity is for the runnning! They're a good combination. :)

  • I might have to get the flute out. I never had trouble, too much, with lung capacity. I had a shoulder replacement a few years ago and right now I have a suspected rotator cuff tear in the other shoulder, which makes it painful to hold it up for any length of time. My second mom is a flute teacher and she taught me about 15 years ago. :)

  • Ah ginbin we are the c25k lapsed orchestra :)

  • I think I really need to have the flute re-padded, it's been so long. But, I have a brother-in-law who repairs instruments and I know he would do that for me. :)

  • Go for it ginbin. You could use it as physiotherapy for your injured shoulder ;)

  • What I need first is a trip back to the bone doctor and get a shot of cortisone. I want to avoid surgery at any cost. :) :)

  • AM hope your spell on the IC ends soon. I don't sit on the couch as much. I also stopped the 5:2 diet as the running seems to help keep my weight stable. I now can't believe I couldn't run for 30 mins at the start of C25K. ;-)

  • Thank you GettingFitter. Yes, that 30minutes running is the miracle of c25k.

  • Running has largely supplanted my swimming so I am down to just once a week - it's a comparative hassle to drag myself over to the pool when I can run straight from my front door. Otherwise I think it may be the gardening that has suffered the most - just don't seem to find the time! I've also been cycling and walking more - all unexpected side benefits!

  • That is the wonderful thing about running isn't it? You can just step out of the front door and go. No parking fees, no admission fees and no start times to adhere to. Perfect!

    Luckily AncientDad looks after out garden, or the garden would also be on my list of things to suffer since I started running. Haven't even done any hanging baskets or tubs this year *hangs head in shame*

  • Sit around eating and drinking beer, well I do, but only on my rest days :D

    No seriously, since I started running I feel like I have more time not less, probably as I go late in the evening when I would only have been watching TV, idling or sleeping. Having said that I rarely get time to read these days, maybe that's what I was doing in my more sedentary days :)

  • Eating, drinking beer and reading? Surely there's room in everyone's life for these particular delights? ;)

  • No excuses for not playing your violin you can do that after your run, also rest days can be baking days and while the baking is in the oven more violin playing, sorted.

    I was looking for a new pair of trousers in the sales the other day, smart casual style. Couldn't find any and ended up in the running/sports section tut tut. ;)

  • Hahahahah Oldgirl you sound like me nagging my kids when they were younger :D

    Can't play violin after my run ( when I can run) because I have a shower and head straight off to work, but it's a nice thought. I reckon my best chance of getting in some serious playing is to deactivate my account on here! :)

    You did make me laugh when I read about you giving up the search for smart trousers. I did exactly the same thing today after trying and failing to buy a posh frock. :D

  • The Philip Glass is an amazing and beautiful piece of music and I promise I'll never play it in your earshot! :) I said I love playing the violin, I didn't say I was any good at it! :)

    Hill walking, mountain biking and playing the xylophone - is there no end to your versatility? :)

  • Most definitely! That's a rare talent you've got there ;)

  • You can play the violin EM ? Thats another string to your bow ! Tish, boom :-) xxx

  • One a minute and everyone a gem Poppy :D

  • Its the way I tell 'em ! Seriously EM, Massive respect to you for playing the violin, thats very impressive ! :-) xxx

  • You wouldn't say that if you could hear me :D

  • We should form a duet, me singing and you playing the violin , X Factor here we come ! :-) xxx

  • Poppy, you're a singer?? Wow, now that is impressive. You could sing an uplifting victory anthem for the Dozz-ville triathletes to encourage us on to ever greater efforts.

  • Could i join in too??? I'd add a bit of mellow fruitiness with my viola??? Would counterbalance KittyKat's tinklings but not overpower poppypug's voice .... So long as you're really not very good AM and are not just being modest, we'd be fine! Otherwise you might shoot me for catching strings and wobbling out of tune a bit sometimes ....

  • With a music video sponsored by Nike, Adidas, Karrimor, Asics, Saucony, Sweatshop, Green and Black's, Garmin ...... ???? :-) That'd be a good budget! Lights AND a sound system from that lot!

  • Definitely not being modest, BoPeep. Barely competent just about covers my skill level. Violin, viola, flute, xylophone, and singing. We are going to be awesome!!

    Daughter no2 suggests The Pretender's 500 Miles, substituting run, swim and ride for walk. :D

  • Xylophone is definitely required KK for added interest and,probably, accuracy, to disguise my dodgy playing. ;)

  • Ah EM, eeer not quite, if you could think of a noise between a foghorn meeting two cats fighting and call that singing, I would be absolutely superb ! Ha ha , we will just have to be instrumental, I can play a mean tambo and a triangle don't forget ! :-) xxx

  • Just sing anyway Poppy. KittyKat will keep us all in tune with her top notch xylophone skills. And if you think your singing is bad, you should hear my violin, fighting cats couldn't compete with my crescendos! You do know the words to 500 Miles don't you? :)

  • Oh yes, Ive murdered it , I mean , sang it loads of times at karaoke, they used to wheel me out at closing time to empty the pub :-) xxx

  • There you go then, we're sorted :)

    All together now:1, 2, 3...

  • Excellent! :) I knew the xylophone would keep us all in tune!

    Bum hoooo ya ta ta taa

  • That's a brilliant idea for a song from your Daughter No 2 AM, it'll work brilliantly.

    Will you be okay with the accent poppy?

    The band'll suit too, a little freestyle/rough and ready jamming will fit nicely hey?

    Sorted.com :-)

  • Aye Bo, Im from Leeds but I can do a Scottish accent , nae problem ! :-) xxx

  • Aye, she's bilingual :)

  • Yes i see you've got that Highland burrr off to a T there Poppy! :-)

  • Aye, theres bin a murrrdderrrr ( Taggart ) :-) xxx

  • That poor wee song - it nivver stoood a chance :)

  • Socialising. My social life was pretty limited by my health anyway and lately by a reduced income, and it is at least as much about other people being too busy but I'd be a bit more proactive if it were not for my fitness endeavours. I have rather mixed feelings about it as you can imagine. I was quite excited to encounter another dog walker (who I'd never met) who was up for a bit of a chat when I was doing my walk at the end of this morning's run...

  • Sorry about the late reply, but I just came across your post.

    First, could I be considered for the choir...

    My singing is so in tune that I have been banned by the family from singing... except for a quick carol on Christmas day!

    As for what I have lost....

    - a lot of time sitting on the couch playing computer games.

    - I used to walk with the dog at least an hour everyday. This has practically stopped as the dog is too tired after our runs to ask for walkies, and on rest day we go on the bike.

    -baking has also suffered, but that was coming to an end anyway due to my lovely neighbour going and a diet, so goodbye coffee mornings. But we still meet and talk everyday, and she is still trying to teach me swedish (her english seems to be improving faster mind!)... and I'm still partial to homemade cheesecakes!

    - knitting is on the back burner, but may reconsider in the winter.

    -depression from being made redundant all these years ago has finally lifted.

    On the other hand, since I seem to have a lot more energy, the gardening has improved, the cycling has more than trebled, swimming has restarted after a gap of more than a decade, house is getting redecorated, and I'm getting more sociable through this forum!

    Why didn't I have time for it before???

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