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C25K - the gift that's keeps on giving

I haven't been on here for a while , not because I'm not running - far from it, out there enjoying it.

I've been at the running lark for a couple of years now and have steadfastly done it in my time and at my pace. I've ignored the folks (who never believed I could run) telling me to train for this and enter that and gone my own way.

I love to do a longer run out listening to audiobooks - a nice gentle period drama :0

Today I mixed it up with an upbeat running compilation - longest run and it felt fabulous. Won't do it like that every time but great to know I can.

Love you NHS Couch to 5K !

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Ey up BIrdy! 😀 Sounds like you're having a good time out there. Good for

you 😃


Ey up miss, thank you - hope you're having fun too :)


Birdy! Fab to hear you're still running!


Hellooooo thank you , you too :)

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Yayyyy :)


Hi Birdy !

Lovely to see you on here again, and so happy to read youre still enjoying your running ! :-) xxx


Helloooo PP , thank you - I'll pop up now and again just to make sure you're all still out there :)


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