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Best Running watch EVER!!!

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I present to you my much loved Suunto Ambit 3, which has been missing for 2 years and 2 weeks exactly. Its disappearance caused me great anguish at the time and has been one of the great unsolved mysteries ever since. I have had other watches in the interim but none I have got on with as well as this one.

So it was great joy when my baby turned up again this morning while I was cutting the front hedge...

After my initial astonishment I plugged it in and discovered to my even greater delight, that after 2 years outside in all weathers, not only did it immediately charge up again and work perfectly, it still had all my run data from May 2016, which it promptly uploaded to Moveslink before updating its software.

After all the usual stories of running watches suddenly refusing to hold a charge or losing run data or not syncing, I thought this was a very pleasing result.

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Oh wow! What a pleasant surprise and joy :) I believe the watch has its own story of unregistered voyages ;) Probably, it got homesick and missed you as much as you missed it. Enjoy!

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I am deffo getting one of those babies next... I quite fancy orange

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Wow! What a result!!! 👏👍😁

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Any idea how it ended up in your hedge???

It fell off my wrist last time I was cutting my hedge.

True tenacity.

What a bonus.

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Fab! Good table cloth too! 😄

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Rignold in reply to Elfe5

thank you. .

I knew someone, who knew someone, who found their grandmother wedding ring on a beach in Cornwall 50 years after she lost it. It was engraved so easily identifiable.

I'm not sure if that story is 100% true but I hope so.

Well done on finding your watch. Was it stuck in the hedge?

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Glad you found your watch. But how did a watch this big fall of your wrist without you noticing? :D

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Yey!!!!’s great finding something that you think is lost forever...amazing that it’s survived!!! I lost a watch once while we were moving house & found it 4 years later under the mattress in one of my children’s Moses baskets!!! I was well chuffed!! 😉

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P.s I like how you know EXACTLY how long it’s been long lost friends!!

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