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Getting back on the wagon, and some new experiences

Getting back on the wagon, and some new experiences

After tweaking an tendon in the back of my leg a fortnight ago, I stopped running for a bit to rest up. Last night I backtracked to an earlier podcast (W6R1) which I thought would probably match my deflated fitness level. I discovered the following things:

:) Five minute sessions of running seems *really* short;

:) I'm working in Tiberias at the moment (15 degrees today), so could run in shorts rather than the tights I have been wearing - what a liberation!

:) My pace hasn't dropped too much;

:( now the achilles tendon on the other leg feels tight.

Anyway, this still seems more appealing for running in than frost-and-fog-bound Oxfordshire...

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Great stuff. Running below sea level is cheating with all that lovely oxygen!

Take care of that Achilles, injuries in that area are the slowest to heal.


Oxfordshire's been lovely today - a real feeling of spring in the air :) But not quite as lovely as where you are!

Do take care as you ease back in!


Wow, looks beautiful! Had to look up Tiberias and now I want to go!! :) It's added to the list! What a lovely place to run.


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