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Week 6

Well I am slowly getting there. Just completed week 5 run 3, the dreaded 20 minutes! Managed it on the treadmill with the music playing and didn't feel like giving up so feeling pleased with myself. 8 weeks of no alcohol and a change of diet to see the impact on my diabetes has certainly helped with my running ability. I don't feel nearly as out of breath and I've lost 7lbs so all going well. Hopefully the blood results will bring more good news tomorrow and Sunday I'll be back at week 6 where I left off a couple of years ago before eye issues and operations got in the way of life. I'm crawling back but I'm back in the game again. Bosh. 🐢🐢🐢

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Bosh indeed! Well done! :)


Well done you... :)

Brilliant progress and in the face of a lot of issues !

My husband is a Type 2 Diabetic.. and we follow.. but with some variations.. (i.e we have a higher calorie allowance.. I could not survive on 800 calories a day!.. and we do not fast..) the Michael Mosley Eating regime.. It has had a really positive impact on his blood sugar levels..


I run, husband walks, and he uses our elliptical cross trainer for his core strength exercise.. and again , lots of improvements in stamina, health and general well being... His diagnosis will never be turned around, but, his medication has not been upped at all, which is virtually unknown at his age, and his big blood test results are amazing!

Just though this might be of interest to you :) As you are doing so amazingly! x

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Thank you. I haven't started medication yet as I wanted to try to reverse things if I could. The proof of the pudding will come tomorrow with blood test results. But having changed my diet now I will stick with it whatever the outcome. I couldn't stick to a low calorie diet either but healthy Mediterranean type eating suits me so I'll aim to keep the type 2 under control this way. And with the running of course.


That is good news, you should be in a really good position to reverse it!

The link I sent, I think would suit you; we have always followed a Med type eating regime and the low carb recipes in his scheme enhance that. He did a TV programme on it, some of the findings and the results were, frankly amazing, His book is very useful, and his wife, also a Dr has a recipe book out too which is superb!

I follow the same eating regime, simply because combined with the running etc, I feel so good..( most of the time )!

It is very much the old adage, eat healthily and move more.. I shall watch your progress with interest! :)

The really low cal bit... I would not be able to walk, let alone run :)


Go you! Well done.


Well done I've just done week 4 2nd run on my treadmill really love it and have lost 6 lb so far so feeling good too xx


You deserve to feel pleased, W5R3 is the big one!! No stopping you now!! :)


Hey Jigglemooce, well done on your achievements so far. You WILL get to the end of the plan, you know. I'm 53 also and originally started when I was 50 and got to the end of the programme, got an injury, had to wait 4 months then started again and have been running ever since though not fast and not always 5k. I'm still getting fatter though! I'm not 100% sure but I think you may be local to me so if you ever fancy getting together for a coffee I'd be interested to hear about your eating plan - or we could go for a slow jog! Or both!


Thanks for your reply. I'm jogging along slowly still. First day outside today so a major achievement for me.


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