An Uphill Struggle

I have just completed w2r3 at the third attempt, thanks to a manflu level lurgy that wiped me out. It's taken me another week to feel ok enough to get out there. Now here's the thing. I suppose it's because I'm on the wrong side of 50 and a tad overweight and very unfit, but jogging on the flat or slightly downhill is fine, but the uphill sections are a killer. My running route from my house takes me down a slight incline and then up a slight incline at the end. Really not especially steep, but it feels like I'm going up Mount Everest. How can I conquer these mountains, or as some people call them, not particularly steep inclines in the pavement?


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7 Replies

  • Could you double back so that you avoid running uphill for now? Then walk uphill at the end to get back? Plenty of time for hills when you are feeling fitter.

  • Slow down and take little steps. Some people say they're almost walking, but just keep going. I was told early on "hills are your friend", they make you stronger.

  • Keep at it. In a few weeks you'll be running up them confidently, and remembering how hard they once were. It's s great confidence boost!

    Obviously big hills are another matter, and I agree can well be avoided. But I have a couple of mountainous slight inclines around here, too... ;)

  • Ah... the hills.. they get everywhere!

    You will find hills, where you thought there were none; you will find them appearing over night, and you will swear that the flat road actually rises as you approach it:)

    But, you will learn to tackle these beasts! You will learn to embrace the hills, as you will learn to embrace the weather!

    Someone on here posted that, " ..hills are character building" ! Goodness, they were right!

    I agree with JaySeeSkinny , just take it very very steady and is the only way. Breathe steadily and just keep moving. It will come... every incline you tackle moves you forward. I smile every time I run quickly up a hill, with absolutely no problem, one that I thought was trying to destroy me when I started the programme...

    It will be the same for you! Take your time until you feel really back on form. The dreaded lurgy has taken its toll this year on many of us!

    Onward and ....errrr... Upward!

  • All great advice above! When you are running hills, and it feels harder, remind yourself its the hill that makes it harder, you havnt just stopped being able to run! Also, run right over the brow, and savour how much easier it is to run on the downward section....always brings a smile to my face!

    Embrace those hills, they give you so many more route choices 🏃🏻‍♀️👍🏼

  • Thank you everyone for the great comments and advice. The support on this forum is fantastic :-) I shall remember all your wise words when I make my next attempt at Everest base camp aka jog round the block. Week 3 begins tomorrow. Here I go...

  • My route has the same slight inclines too although I wasn't aware of them when I started the program, I thought I was just unfit as I puffed my way along. I know exactly where they are now and use them to build my stamina, however, to get through them, I used to slow down, focus on my breathing and set myself targets like " just to the next tree/post" or if I just couldn't face them, I would double back on the flat sections and complete my run there. Even now I do the same if I am feeling tired, some days I can just breeze along them & some days they feel like Everest 😁

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