W2 R3 tears in the park

W2 R3 tears in the park

A few people have followed my first couple of posts (thank you) and my joys of being able to start This Thing. Also to give me really helpful advice about treadmill (where I feel more comfortable) v Outside (where I am scared and nervous).

This afternoon I had friends coming round and a fairly short time to get my run done. I've been away staying on the High St at the Edinburgh Fringe (not runner friendly) so I have missed four days. I wondered how this would affect me but I was determined not to miss today.

So I decided to try outside as it's quicker than going to the gym (travel/parking/check in etc) to fit my 60 min deadline of do the run, shower and be presentable for my friends. I drive to a further away park than my nearest, resplendent in my winter goretex jacket as I don't possess a running jacket ....heck, it's black.

It's blowing a hoolie here today so there's not too many people in the park though it means I need to choose my route carefully so I'm not running up a steep incline facing into a Force Ten gale. I set off, thinking of all the things you guys had said, deftly choosing paths away from dog walkers and pushchair strollers. It's going well till run 5 when I realise my routes taking me up an incline that I figure would be 5.0 or 6.0 on a treadmill and it's windy. I have to walk the last 10 seconds but, undeterred I keep on. And yes, you guessed it, I had to ditch the jacket and just go the T shirt and joggers but by then I was determined to finish. At one point I passed the kind of person who I thought might laugh sitting on a bench with his dog and he may well have made a comment as I jogged past so so slowly, but Laura was at max volume in my ears saying 'you can do it' and I jogged on.

I thought I had two more running sections to do and I find its just one - wow! How did that happen? By now the wind was at my back and I was running down a slight hill and as Laura said I'd finished I found myself spreading my arms out wide like Kate Winslet in Titanic, feeling the wind almost lift me (well.......not quite) and I found myself feeling elated and ...emotional.

I began to cry, sob....in the park. Because I had done something I had NEVER done before and because I felt very emotional listening to the last track on week 2 ...'you've got to hold your head up high....." "You never thought it could be this way....keep fighting...why should you care what people say".....

Tears were running down my face. No people in white coats arrived as I had fastidiously taken paths where I couldn't be seen from the main road.

I ran outside.



I might have been slow but if I could draw where I went in the walks and runs, I went up there, along there, all the way along there, back up there, up that steep hill, along the straight, turned back on myself, then ran downhill and the 5 min walk to the car.

I CAN do Week 3!

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  • You got me all teary eyed too. Congratulations on making it outside. You did it!

  • Amazing. Can feel your absolute delight a d pride...keep it up and i'll be flying :-)

  • Fantastic - well done! You truly conquered that one, and squashed so many gremlins absolutely flat while you were at it! Go you!! :)

  • Aw bless your heart , I find myself welling up reading this !

    This programme brings out so many emotions doesn't it ? Its clear to see how much this means to you xxx

    A Massive Well done for today, you will go on and you will succeed . You've overcome the fear of running outside , you are capable of so much more than you have ever given yourself credit for .

    This is such a lovely, uplifting, heart warming post, loved it !!

    Now pass me a tissue :-) * Blow, snort , sniff .... * Ah that's better :-)

    Good on ya ! Onwards, always Onwards xxxx

  • Meant to say YOU'LL be flying :-)

  • Wow deep, meaningful and downright encouraging. A lovely read thank you and really well done πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • Thank you. All the best as you start. I'll follow so I can cheer you on as I'm only a week further on.

  • Thank you the support on here is amazing and you really showed true grit and determination today. Just got a feeling I am gonna need alot of that πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • what a great post! you did brilliantly, and it'll boost your confidence for week 3! excellent! :)

  • Well done you! (Sobs quietly into hankie)πŸ˜₯ Excellent, outdoors and everything! What an achievement πŸ‘―πŸ‘― happy dancing. Queen of the world, up there on the front of the shipπŸ›³

  • Sadly I didn't have Leonardo with me...β™₯️

  • πŸ˜‚ Maybe next time..... Now you'll have to be outside again!

  • I'd say there are a few guys here who have had similar tears in their eyes at one point or another ;) And the great thing is - that feeling of self worth only gets better as you keep on running :)

  • Congratulations on your graduation Irish John Just noticed the wee badge! How inspiring for a newbie.....

  • Thank you - and looking forward to congratulating you on your badge :)

  • Errrr ...come back to me on that in a couple of months!

  • Will be waiting on the Podium for you :)

  • Oh you so CAN do week 3! What a heartwarming, spirit-lifting post. Ahem, bit of a lump in the throat there. This programme is so much bigger than just running isn't it. We're testing new boundaries constantly. Emotionally as well as physically. A well won victory for you against all the things that said you couldn't do it. Look out week 3, she's coming you get you :)

  • Fantastic very proud of you. I know from experience that it's hard when you feel self conscious but it feels so good when you can overcome the gremlins. Go you xx

  • What a lovely post! Welld done and keep going...

  • I dont know you but i am proud of you. Many congratulations!

  • Oh what a great post...it really does make you emotional......probably because we are all pushing ourselves and the feeling of achievement is amazing....well done you on such a great run and for getting out there :-)

  • Amazing, well done you!!! I remember feeling like this the first time I ran outside. I haven't run on the treadmill since! Well done for getting out and doing it so early - it took me until Week 7 and I wish I'd done it from the beginning!

    Of COURSE you can do Week 3! Not only that but you can do Week 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and beyond!!! Well done, keep with it! This programme is life changing and you'll soon never look back! :)

  • I think I'll try a 2/1 split inside/outside or vice versa, like someone suggested before. It took a lot of guts and bad weather to get me out today but I did feel motivated by how much ground I covered.

  • Bad weather as in - lots of people weren't outside!

  • Amazing. I am planning to do my first outside run tomorrow, this really helps.

  • Great to read how it went. Don't know about your son but *I* have needed a pee each of the three times I've run outside. Bushes, quit or persevere?

    Bushes = possible arrest

    Quit - not happening

    Persevere = very very very fast drive home

  • Isn't this programme amazing? You're amazing too, you did it, congratulations xx

  • Well done on your first run outside and you sure can do week 3

  • A lovely post, and what a great achievement. 🌟🌟🌟

  • Super well done! Great post!

  • Just like PippiRuns , you've put tears in my eyes too ! What a beautiful post and how amazing is that feeling. Running is a powerful thing.

  • Brilliant, and isn't the outdoors so much better??!! Well done and I love the pic!!!

  • Well done you! What an emotional post and well done for braving that wind and the outside! You will be flying into week three tomorrow!

  • Great post. Well done and keep them coming!

  • I got all emotional reading that. Massive well done for having the courage to face your fears!! Good luck for week 3, I'm just starting week 1 xx

  • So well done. Just started day 1 all over again today. Did the program back in Feb and found it brilliant as hadn't run since secondary school 37 odd years ago. However back with all same worries today...a stone heavier....hiding behind my sunglasses as I get myself active again knowing it will be worth it. Keep it up and love your post!

  • Wow that is so brilliant - well done! You must be so proud!

  • Glad to hear they were tears of joy, congratulations! You've taken the most difficult step

  • Congratulations ! You are not alone in crying 😭 I cried A LOT on the way to graduation. I cried when I had a good run, I cried after a bad run, I cried on the days that it was easy and I couldn't believe how good it made me feel. I even cried the day a couple of 'real runners' waved and smiled as they passed as I felt accepted as another runner! Just keep on going, you'll shed many more tears on the way but who cares? You and your amazing body and spirit are out there doing it and that's all that matters. Keep on running πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  • Sounds like a great run. If you back in Edinburgh give me a shout and i would love to run with you and some routes are even flat!

  • Brilliant! It's all too easy to feel self conscious about running in public (I always worried before I started that I had a funny run :D) but your confidence should and will be sky high if you keep this up! I know I would struggle a lot more on a treadmill. Having the fresh air, different terrain, and waypoints to mark your progress make this a little easier for me (and more importantly enjoyable!) Keep it up!

  • I love running outside. There is so much to see to distract you and I'm sure the time goes more quickly.

    We have a fantastic women's running group in Notts. I bumped into them quite by accident on my graduation run and they were so friendly. They have groups of all levels in all areas and are immensely encouraging, non judgmental and supportive. They also know where the good running routes are. I'm sure there would be something similar in your area and may be that would give you more confidence running outside - and you may find even more friends!

    Keep up the good work πŸ˜ƒ

  • I have seen them in this same park. c25k seems so individualised that I feel running while on the podcast is to be done solo.I wondered about taking my OH with me but he'd distract me, for example. The women's group all run run, if you know what I mean, I've never seen anyone stop to have a brisk walk......

  • It may be worth having a chat to them if you see them while you are out. C25K is such a huge programme. I reckon many of them are following it. When I first saw the Notts girls there were plenty of them walking. That's what gave me the confidence to approach them. They also have specific beginners groups. 😊

  • What a wonderful post, I felt I was running with you😊. I'm on week 9 and still haven't made it out into the big wide world but you've made me think this could be the week!! Thank you!! πŸ˜„

  • Well done! I am delighted for you. What an achievement, and what a huge barrier to break through. Week 3 doesn't stand a chance against you!

    So thrilled.

  • Brilliant... well done 😊 You are right to be proud of yourself..you are becoming a runner..!!!

    Good luck with W3. Take it slow and steady...you can do this, its a great program.


  • Sofargoner you are a superstar!! That took some doing and you DID IT! You'll do it again, now and again...because you CAN! Well done...I'm two runs behind you having only just dared to try w2r1 today...to my complete surprise I did it and whilst my knees groaned a bit, they held up! So pleased that you have been outdoors 'felt the fear and done it anyway'! :) x

  • Absolutely brilliant. Well done. You should be feeling so proud!

  • Awesome!!!! Way to go!!!

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