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W7R1 - ran with the running group again so no headphones allowed - sorry Laura

The group run is planned with two x 2 minute breaks of either walking or conditioning but the run leader knows I'm following C25K and was very encouraging when I needed to keep jogging whilst the rest of the group took their break. It does make such a difference being part of a group - I highly recommend it. First run for ages without either rain or snow although the wind was a little bracing in places. W7R2 on Wednesday and I get to run in daylight - bonus!

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Well done!

Hope you got your assignments back with nothing too serious. :)

I have nearly forgotten how daylight running feels like until my W7R1.


Thanks. Homework due back Wednesday as it's a weekly class. Not started this week's yet so better get a move on!

Lovely sunny day here today - hoping for more of the same on my run tomorrow.

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