Should I be resting?

I just wanted to ask your advice. I had to have a tooth out on Thursday and now have an infection for which I am on antibiotics as well as having a slightly swollen face. I feel ok in myself apart from the accompanying toothache and wondered if should run or not? (I missed my Friday run) I know if I feel unwell such as flu or knee injury for example, I would rest, but should I be resting for dental pain too?


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15 Replies

  • As you are feeling otherwise well I would go out and see how you feel after your warm up and take it steady. If after that you are still feeling good move up to your normal pace.

  • Thanks, yes thats what I thought too. I can take it slower to see how I feel.

  • The pain from swelling is likely to be worse with the up-and-down of running. Maybe a brisk walk instead?

  • Gosh, thanks for pointing that out! Its something I had not considered. I think I will go out and take it very easy. I feel I must do something today:)

  • I'd be worried strenuous exercise might cause bleeding, and antibiotics knock the stuffing out of you.. have a couple of rest days. Hope you feel better soon xx

  • Yes thats what my hubby said too, soI have just had a gentle stroll to fill my time rather than do housework lol!

  • Wait at least a week after a single tooth extraction before resuming your full exercise regimen.

    First 24 Hours

    The general recommendation following any tooth extraction is that the patient not physically exert himself in the first 24 hours after the procedure. Any physical exertion or exercise causes an increase in blood pressure, which can cause the extraction site to actively bleed or ooze. The blood clot formed after the procedure could be displaced, leading to a very painful condition called dry socket. Also, if you have had sutures placed, they could rupture, which would significantly delay healing.

    After First Day

    Resuming your normal exercise routine might still take a few days, suggest waiting a week before undertaking any strenuous exercise. If you are taking a prescription for painkillers or antibiotics, it may be best to wait until you are done with the course of medication, since these might come with their own set of side effects. Prescription painkillers can also mask any pain from pulled muscles or other exercise-related injuries that you might be likely to suffer. How soon you can resume your full exercise regimen will depend on your individual situation as well. Speak with your dentist before you restart on a full-scale routine. If it was a simple extraction that did not involve any cutting of bone and gums to aid in removal of the tooth, it might be OK to get back to your regimen after a week. If it was a more complicated surgical extraction with a lot of blood loss and tissue manipulation, you might want to wait for longer..😊

  • Thanks for your in depth reply. It was just a simple extraction, but I have a bit of swelling hence the antibiotics. I think that is really good advice though and I am going to take things steady for a few days. I did just have an easy walk though as I can't keep still, but it was slow!

  • Great advice above. Also if you live in the U.K. Be aware that breathing in cold air can hurt it a bit, well it did for me when I had a tooth out years ago, I had to walk around outside with a scarf wrapped round my mouth to stop the cold air getting to the wound.

  • Thanks for your reply. I am in the UK and thankfully I thought the same as you and used a scarf when I was outside. It is something I often do up here and I tried not to open my mouth too, which is easier said than done even when walking!

  • Listen to your body and rest. It is worth the risk

  • Thanks, I am going to heed everyones advice and take things easy. Thats the great thing about this forum, you all give such solid, sensible advice :)

  • Absolutely, you shouldn't run while you are swollen. I had a long and messy tooth extraction last year and it completely knocked the stuffing out of me. As you will have been told and also read above, you need to protect the blood clot that will have formed. Brisk walking will be fine and but I think as others have said, the up-and-down of jogging not good at this stage. Listen to your body and treat yourself gently - an extraction, even an easy one, is still a big thing. Good luck with your training when you go back to it - you'll be able to pick it back up from where you left off, I'm sure.

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply. This "tooth business" has certainly taught me a thing or two and a week off running isn't a long time in great scale of things.

  • Thanks for your advice. Of course you are all right and I have heeded advice and only walked slowly. I will see how things go and maybe try some gentle jogging next week if I feel up to it. I have now realised that there is more to having a tooth out than I thought.

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