Time for W6R2...with a cold?

So after my jubilation at feeling great after W5r3 I've completed W6R1 without a hitch and tonight it's time for W6R2. I have to say I'm quite looking forward to it as I do enjoy running in the cold and it's always refreshing to get outside after a day at work. The problem is that I can feel I'm at the beginning of a cold - scratchy throat, snotty nose, bit of a "heavy head" - sooo, what do you graduates recommend? Should I give it a miss until I'm feeling 100% fit? How have others of you felt when trying to run with a bit of a cold-y infection?

Cheers all, and happy Friday :)


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4 Replies

  • The general rule is if the cold in in your head (blocked nose, sinuses, etc) then it's ok to run gently. But if it's below your neck (cough, sore chest, joints etc) then you shouldn't run.

    Personally I can never run with a cold as I just feel so grotty but there are others here who say it's helped clear their noses! Only you can decide how you feel but be aware you might feel very tired during the run if you decide to go.

  • You beat me to it!

  • Rule of thumb is its OK to run if coldy stuff is going on above your neck. Not OK below (chesty stuff). See how you feel later on. Hope it's not anything awful. The lurgy has knocked a lot of us for six recently!

  • As above - if it's all in your sinuses etc. then it's not too bad, but as soon as it's going to affect you breathing through your mouth it's a problem. I tried at one point with a cold, and felt like death.... If you decide to give it a go then OK, but be prepared to abandon if you need to and don't beat yourself up about it!

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