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W6R1 - sorry, I left you behind tonight Laura, but I'll see you again on Wednesday

So. W6R1. They said it was a tough one after the elation of W5R3. A running group quite close to me does a 5k on a Monday evening, offering walking breaks for those in need, so I signed up and went along. The walking breaks were shorter than Laura had planned, but as it started to rain quite hard I was ready to get the legs properly going again after the allotted two minutes. The final jog was more like 10 minutes, but I just made sure I kept an easy steady pace - being downhill helped enormously too!

So, although slightly off plan, a successful and enjoyable run with good company.

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I joined a running club and it can make such a difference to run with others. That's why Parkrun is a good idea too. Well done W6 onwards is the home straight 👏🐢👣🏃🏿🏃🏿

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Sounds like a good plan! You enjoyed it too and are well on the way to that badge :)

Doing brilliantly.. slow and steady :)


Wowsers Slow! Joined a running club? Well done You :D !


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