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Struggling week 7 update!

I did it! I ran for 25 mins albeit the last 2 mins a slow jog but it wasn't a walk! Thanks for all your support and suggestions last week. I did a new route and ditch Laura (sorry Laura you've been great up til now) and I just kept going. I had everyone's comments in my head as I ran. I did get the beginnings of a stitch so will need to look into that. But I DID IT!

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Well done. 😊

Don't be frightened about taking a step back and trying a Week 4 or 5 run to help build up your stamina after having four weeks off with illness. It could make a difference to you doing a 25 min run with confidence rather than worry that you can't make it. Just an observation..xx

The whole run can be a slow jog by the way.😊

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Yay! See? We knew you could!

If you're getting a stitch, maybe introduce the slow jog earlier than the last two minutes! 😉

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Well done! Great work. :)


Whoo hoo! Well done - the end is in sight. You can continue to ditch Laura, but you MUST have one run of week 8 so you can meet Julie. The program just isn't the same without her.


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