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Struggling post grad


The last few runs have been really difficult for me - unable to get past the 10 min mark, without heartburn or out of breath and just plain old legs refusing to move!

So I've avoided running for nearly a week but today I decided I'd go back to week8 an see how i go! It was tough at 10 mins but with the help of Laura I pushed through an completed it and ran about another minuet! so my plan is back with Laura and work through to the end of c25k again wandering if I pushed myself to get to the end last time.

As much as I like my own music I think I need the structure at the moment just until I get this bug :-)

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Have you tried the C25K+ podcasts? The lovely Laura is back and the music is marginally better. I used them for a few weeks post-grad and they helped me but not everyone likes running to the beat but maybe worth a try


That's a real result to g

et back out there and run. Don't give up - I found the weeks after graduation a real slog. I repeated the last weeks of c25k two or three times to build a bit of confidence and stamina - then moved on to the 5k+ podcasts mentioned above. Because there are 3 different runs i've used those for a couple of months - and only recently put together a playlist of music I liked to allow me to start running a tiny bit more each time.

Sometimes when I'm finding it a bit hard I tell myself I'm just going to go out and do 10 minutes and see how it feels then. I always manage to keep going.

good luck - it is tough some days but a real pleasure others and you've done the hardest bit already. Why not sign up to a 5k run or promise yourself you'll do one of the free park runs in 4-6 weeks time to give yourself something to aim for.

Hi, I've been struggling too - mainly to just get out there, You are doing really well to get out there even if just for 10 minutes - you are already getting all the benefits of oxygen into your lungs, fresh air, creating a habit etc. I found ParkRun a real help if you live near one. Its something different each week that gives a purpose to the other runs in the week. And a sense of progress as they give you your time each week. And somehow seeing all those other runners of all shapes and sizes is infectious. Good luck


I have recently discovered that graduation doesn't mean that you don't have crappy runs. I only managed 2k the other day!

As the others have said, a goal might help. I did a parkrun for the first time at the weekend and it was brilliant, it's very different running with a lot of other people.


Yup, agree that post grad is a bit of a stinker and I posted on it too and got loads of great advice. I managed 30 mins fine for the first two weeks after, then got runners block for a few runs, but its all good now happy to say. I use the first 15 mins of the W8 podcast (sad, I know! but the music gets me going) then my own playlist after. I drink tonic water on the day I run (for cramp) eat about 3 bananas, and have bought some zero extreme electrolyte capsules for my drink (for hydration and cramp, they really do work!)...with a new running water bottle from tesco for £2, its great! After training in the winter the increase in temp now makes me too hot! Also, I found a new route to take my mind off the sweating. I'm going to take a look at the parkrun route at the weekend and maybe give that a go too, but I personally am happy if I can just get out there three times a week for 30 mins. Good luck with the c25+ podcasts if you try them. From what I have read, speed seems to be a popular choice and very enjoyable by most.


Post Graduation can be difficult. For me, I had the grand illusion I would be a brilliant runner and 30 minutes/5K would be a piece of cake. NOT! It was very challenging to stay consistent and continue running. For me, I tell myself I will run 15, then 20 and so on. After the first 12-15 minutes, I finally seem to settle in. On good runs...I still have sucky runs too. I believe it must be more of a mental challenge after Graduation. I gradually increased time to be running well over an hour. I just knew in my mind, when I went out, I was running that long. We started the 5x50 challenge and I cut my time back. Knowing I only needed to run 35-40 minutes. Those were some of my most difficult runs! In my mind, I couldn't believe I had ever ran over an hour. Probably none of my rambling helped you out, but know you're not alone. :-) Gayle


All sounds familiar to me having graduated in October I think I then hurt myself badly took twelve weeks off went back to week five now on week six run three and I freely admit the first five or ten minutes I could happily stop but keep thinking how much good it must be doing me I love running when it's done and the sense of achievement is well worth it so keep at it looking forward to next weeks twenty eight minute run .... Not ;)


Thank you all for your advice iv gone out for a few successful runs with Laura, an think il give this speed and stamina podcast a go next :-) x

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