Newbie Scared of week 4

Hi! I'm new on this forum but I signed up feeling like I need a community to be part of. I don't know any other runners, so I'm out on my own and now I've reached week 4. Type C25K into Google and it suggests 'week 4 is hard' so I'm a little scared. I've enjoyed the programme so far, having not exercised properly since leaving school almost 20 years ago. Any advice for week four? How did you find it?



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  • Hello and welcome to the forum! Well done on your success so far! Forum friends have a wealth of experience they are willing to share, and will encourage, support and sometimes give a tiny push when needed. So you have come to the right place!

    The programme has got you ready for week 4 so go out there and enjoy. All previous graduates have done it so if we can you certainly can!

    Let us know how it goes and keep posting👍🏼🏃🏻‍♀️

  • Every single week scared me :)

    But - if it were all easy we wouldn't need the programme :)

    Just take it all slow and steady, one footfall at a time. Damn few graduate "on time with distance" anyway and as long as you go out the door there are only "practice" runs and "success" runs. The only failures are those who go back to sitting on the couch ;)

    W1D1 saw me bent over double trying to breathe through both ends, no way did I ever think I could continue - but it's what the graduates do.....One step at a time and the most vital ones are those that get us off the damn couch. The rest will happen then :)

    See you at the Graduate Table soon OK :)

  • Oh John.. once again, you have made me laugh out aloud! Trying to breathe through both ends indeed... I love you ! x

  • Trying to get that picture out of my head😂😂😂

  • :) I can't !!!! :)

  • Welcome!! Well done for getting all the way to Week 4 on your own! The C25k programme is for people like us who aren't sporty or athletic and most of us here came to the programme having not exercised for years so were all in the same position as you are. If we've got through the programme, so can you!

    Each new week feels scary compared to the last one but the programme really does prepare you for the next run. If you've managed the previous run then you'll absolutely be able to do the next one. Sometimes the challenge is mental rather than physical. Make sure you go very, very slowly as it's just a matter of running for the time rather than for any particular distance or for speed. Those things will come once you've built up your stamina in the programme.

    You can do this! Everyone here has managed it - people of all different health, weight and ages and you absolutely can too! :) Let us know how you're doing so that we can cheer you on as you progress and watch your body achieve more than you ever thought it was capable of!

  • It's not quite "no pain, no gain" - but one of the things to bear in mind is that you are already pushing the envelope in terms of what you're doing - I was in a similar position, cross country was torture at school as far as I was concerned, certainly hadn't done much running since. I completed Week 4 back at the end of September, can't remember exactly how I found it although to be fair with most runs I found it a case of great when it was finished - it was only really towards the end of Week 7 when I was finishing runs and thinking "I've still got something left here"....

    Don't go out too fast would be my general advice. I'm using a tracking app on my phone (MapMyRun, many here use Strava, and there are plenty of others) - if I've found a run hard, I'll often find when I look at the tracker that I've set off too quickly and worn myself out too early. It's only now, having moved onto the 5K+ podcasts, that I'm finding my overall pace improving - If you're doing C25K, you're not doing it to become an elite athlete, it's about challenging yourself - at this stage in the programme, you don't need to worry about pace very much, it's about building aerobic fitness and stamina. It's only really now I've graduated and got to the point where actually covering 5K is a reality that I'm starting to do some speed work. Keep posting, it's a good supportive group - and it keeps you accountable as well if you need that!

  • "Don't go out too fast would be my general advice." - Darn great advice that I have to remember to follow even still :)

  • Hello!

    Welcome to one of the best things ever...and

    ,..... don't believe all you read on Google :)

    Plus, if you have started C25K, then you know it is all about progression and slow and steady progression is the name of the game.:)

    If you are approaching Week 4, you are totally ready for it.. do it slowly and at your own pace!

    Strength and flex exercises or other exercise, whatever you enjoy, walking, cycling, yoga Pilates, or swimming on your rest days, can help keep you strong and improve stamina.:)

    We are a great bunch, friendly supportive and encouraging.. :) Keep posting successes and set backs.. we will be here for you x

  • don't be scared of week 4 embrace it and as everyone says take it slow. It's the best thing ever

  • I can't add anything to all the great advice above except to say "I was scared too. Every week"! In fact, I still get anxious. It's okay.

    This programme is all about building your stamina in gradual increments and this forum is all about support, encouragement and a laugh along the way. I'd never have made it through without either of them. You go for week 4. We're all here ready to cheer you on...😊

  • I just finished W4 and it felt so great, you are going to love it. Go slow, go steady!

  • Thank you for all the support! I should've signed up to this forum before. :)

    I did w4 run 1, just completed. I went a little slow, only did 3.2km but I wanted to pace it well and I completed all the runs. I really wasn't expecting to manage it and have a little energy to spare, so I'm pleasantly surprised. Thanks for not letting me defeat myself before I started!

  • Well done for doing it!, like everyone has said, nice and slowly does it and don't worry about the distance, that will come. My baby steps have just finished week 4 so I've moved on to being scared of week 5 now. When I get tired I slow up and keep going (it's hard to slow up when you're going oh so slow anyway. On run3 last night I couldn't imagine keeping going to the end...but one foot in front of the other I did it and when the stop instruction came I ignored it and ran carefully for about another 45-60 seconds...which then gave me hope for week 5, which I can barely believe I have arrived at. Go for it and good luck.

  • Yeah! Well done Carrillo...😊

    Slow is the program it really does work. A nice steady pace through each running section is all that is needed.

    Keep posting..

  • Hello Carrillo.....

    I've just done wk4r2 and find the 5min run feel like half an hour! But I keep going, slowly, and know that this 'club' we are all in are all so supportive and have all gone through the same thing. When I struggled doing the tortuous last minute I kept thinking that at least I'm not eating sweets watching tv which is what I was normally doing!

    Know you are not alone. I've found everyone here are so great and encourage me, just keep reading all the messages.

    By the way, does anybody know what 5k is in terms of miles?

  • I think it's around 3.1 miles (give or take) :D Well done both of you on week 4; I've just done W3R2 so am a week behind you, but great to hear that you are doing it - gives me hope for next week! :D

  • Thanks for that Ajtarbotton. Wow, ! Cannot imagine me running 3 miles! That 5 mins was hard enough. I need to find somewhere a bit more level I think, it's a bit up and down where I live! And the walk'rests' always seem to be when I'm going down hill while the runs seem to be when it's an up hill (even when it's not really much of a hill) still, I'm enjoying the challenge, hope you are too.

  • Haha - same for me. I try to find the downhill/flat but they usually coincide with my rest walk (sometimes I try to really slow down my rest walk so I can start running downhill or on the flat before I hit the slope) :D But we are doing it - and yes, I am enjoying it :)

  • Welcome aboard, theres lots of support on here :-)

    I would say just keep doing what you've been doing, its got you this far . Slow and steady is the way, you will find that as you progress you will get stronger physically and mentally. This programme works , we all felt exactly the same as you so please try not to worry too much and please keep posting so we can support you along your way.

    Good Luck and keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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