Scared of week 5!

I've just repeated w4r3 today even though I should have done w5r1, I had a really heavy weekend (a wedding and my birthday on the same day!) so I left 2 days between runs instead of 1! I'm absolutely petrified of starting week 5 as that's where I had to stop last time I tried c25k. Finding week4 easier but still really tough, any advice will be gratefully received!


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14 Replies

  • I think you need to try to forget that this is where you gave up last time.

    Go into it with no expectations. If it gets to be too much what's the worst that can happen? You can set off with good intentions but if your body can't do it that day just back off and treat it as a repeat of W4 run. If you've done all the runs in the plan you will be able to do it soon enough.

    A lot of this is mind over matter. Don't let the gremlins on your shoulder get through to you.


  • Having posted this that's kind of what I was thinking! I think I just needed someone else to say it too- thank you!

  • I finished week 5 today and although its scary you can do it! I am a size 18/20 and i have shocked myself. Although if you don't feel ready why not repeat week 4 until you are. You are still running. And I'm sure with each run you will get stronger. Before you know it week 5 will be in the bag. Good luck.

    P.s well done getting to week 4 :)

  • I didn't think I was going to make it through week 4 so I need to just bite the bullet and try it! Hopefully I'll surprise myself! (Well done to you too!)

  • WELL DONE Emsymum! and good luck to you too for the rest of your journey

  • I'm just going to echo the above... Just go for it! I had a couple months out in week 4 and went straight back into the next run, not quite sure how I managed it but I just didn't want to go backwards!

    Ran (well jogged!) W5R3 tonight and was amazed at being able to run 20 mins. You are ready for it, just switch your mind off and keep going :o)

  • You will surprise yourself :) good luck. Even though I'm sure you won't need it.

    Thankyou @beek :)

  • You'll be fine. I was in the same situation as you, stopping after W5 the first time I did C25K (injury related). When I got back into it a year later I was very worried about W5, but I needn't have been - I sailed through it.

    Good luck with W5. Like Beek says above, it's mind over matter at this stage.

  • I am still in W4 so not experienced with W5 yet - though I am scared. But I know for sure that it is possible! Just because you stopped before doesn't mean you'll stop at week 5 now, I do believe in the mind over matter that everyone keeps talking about here.

  • Watch this space - going for it tomorrow! x

  • I finished Week 4 tonight and I'm also scared about Week 5. I trust the plan but can't believe I'll ever be able to run for 20 mins without stopping!

  • W5r1 was hard but I did it and r2 was actually quite enjoyable! I just blocked everything out and focused on the music. R3 is going to be tough cos I've come down with a cold! Hoping to feel well enough to go for it tomorrow :)

  • How did it go? I'm due to do wk5/1 tomorrow and feeling v nervous

  • The weather was awful here last night so I went this morning, I found myself enjoying the last 5 minute run! It sounds worse than it is! x

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