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W5R3 Jubilation!

I've been lurking around here, reading all sorts of posts, for ages. Today it's finally time to contribute myself and I have to admit to being entirely selfish - I just had to share my jubilation at completing the notorious W5R3 and feeling pretty bloody great afterwards! I actually ran continuously for about 22 minutes. And it wasn't nearly as awful as I was expecting, in fact it wasn't awful at all. Hooray!

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Hooray indeed.. and now you are here.. then stay a while.. we love new running friends :)


Well done to you! You've earned the right to feel bloody great so enjoy it 😊


Fab, good for you! Sounds like you have the running bug already! 🏃



Lurking by jove, we can't have that. Come and let us clap you on the back and see that "look what I did" smile😆

So glad you posted.. you can't keep week 5 run 3 to yourself. You've just done something totally amazing!

Really well done. Feel proud😊😊😊


Whereve you been ? Weve been waiting for you to post ! :-)

Welcome aboard , and yes , jubilation is just a perfect word to describe the feeling of completing this run , Really Well done !

Onwards to Graduation, youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx


Yay! Well done! It is a milestone but now you've run non-stop for 22 minutes, 30 minutes isn't really any harder ... honest! Just keep plugging away.


Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I've signed up to do a 10k in April, feeling well on course after today. Cheers!

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Well done you!! Welcome to the forum. You'll have to let us know how you're getting on with the rest of the programme now. :)


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