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Hello! Sign up query

Good morning everyone!

This morning I woke up, downloaded the C25K app and went out on the very first week one podcast... I'm 54 and I have never been a runner, and am even more unfit than usual following a three week spell of being mostly bedridden with shingles, which also threw my 10% body weight loss into reverse (current BMI 28- argh).

Wow I'm delighted to have completed the first step- the rest of it is scary though!

One small query- the app says I will need to sign up to go beyond week one but I can't see where or how to do this, can anyone give me a steer?

Thank you!

Rainshine x

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It's a great programme, well done for starting it :)

Is it the Change4Life NHS couch to 5k app? When I try clicking on the first run of week 2 a screen pops up with a sign up button to click. I guess you're not seeing that screen?

It's interesting because this feature is new since I graduated!


Thank you roseabi, I guess I'm just fretting too soon- just have to get through week one first and then when week two comes around I sign up then... 😅

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Hi there

sorry you had shingles!!!!! Nasty! You need to eat really good food to support your body. Vitamin B complex is what my husband takes as he seems to get shingles quite a bit, caused by stress, or that's what seems to trigger it. Be sure to eat vitamin b rich foods

So, Run 1 over with. That's the hardest one over with. Just jog nice and slowly and don't skimp on the warm-ups and cool-down walks, and take your days off.

Have fun! Never heard of the signing up thing. I just downloaded the podcasts and set off.


:) You're looking forward to the second week already - it's a good sign!

I just had a look at some of the comments about the app in Google Play, and it seems that there are still a lot of people having problems with it - including with the signing up. If you have trouble you might try using the podcasts instead as Miss W mentions.


Hi Rainshine! Well done on run one! :-D I had a few problems with the app freezing and now use the podcast, which I download week by week here Happy running! :-D

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I use this version too. Its easy and you just download the one you need and delete the one you just completed :)


Thank you all - sunny people :) a few hours after that first run and my reflections are:

- a hot Epsom salts bath is a wonderful thing

- although I still have some niggles in my hip joints after the bath

- I'm sooo lucky I was able to 'run' in countryside and didn't meet a single person- I usually do meet people when out with the dogs!

- I need a better sports bra! and my jeggings kept falling down! does this mean a trip to the shops?!

and I guess getting the podcasts direct will sort any signing in niggles. One day at a time is the only way I can do this- I can't look at the mountain peak, just each step along the way



Well done for starting it that's the hardest part ! I used the podcasts and still do sometimes ( nice to have Laura's encouragement ) ;)


i recommend the podcasts too, and ear phones that stay put (although i've yet to find any that do) good luck with your c25k journey.


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