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W7R1 in the bag!

With my 25 minute non-stop run on Saturday (W6R3) and todays Week 7 Run 1, I'm now half way through the 25 minute sections. I couldn't believe how well it went, it wasn't easy by any stretch, but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be.

Two more runs to go, the next one will be hard due to being sandwiched between circuits class days, but I'm hopefully going to push myself on Saturday.

At the end of the W6R3 run, I thought to myself... "wow, I feel like I'm a runner now" which was confirmed by Laura shortly after, it was a great feeling!

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Week 7 is just brilliant. Hard but brilliant. Because you already know you can do it. And you have the infamous Julie joining you in week 8 - lots to look forward to😊😊😊

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Just done w6r3 and surprised myself. Tough but doable....I didn't think of stopping, and that thought did cross my mind a week or two ago.

And I'm looking forward to w7. I think the hard work has already been done and I hope I don't live to regret saying that.


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