Newbies...... Have you looked back in time?

I'm posting this because looking through old posts has really inspired me.

The graduates are brilliant, inspiring and ( rather funny, hope you lot don't mind😉)

Newbies ie: weeks 1 to ......... Wherever we end up, don't feel limited by new posts , if you look back you'll find the week you are up to, or the next one, search it! There's so much knowledge on this site, as well as support and encouragement .


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  • Me too Jalapeñolover101. I often look at posts from graduates and then search how they were feeling at the same stage I am now. And then the following weeks to see how they have progressed. It's a great motivator.

    And you're right - the support and encouragement is amazing!

  • It's great to see someone ... Like us and follow them to 30 minutes, 5 k , or beyond, I love it, it reminds me it's doable 👍😀😉

  • Great idea. It's also worth browsing your own old posts. A great reminder of how far you've come on the journey.

  • To true, a few short weeks ago I bearly managed 60 seconds, now I'm doing 5 minutes😀

  • Well said😊Its the encouragement on this site that kept me going plus got me back into running after a month off with a chest infection . At all stages everyone of us has been there & we love the newbies as we know to some of us (older ones & trying to lose weight like me) the first step out your front door is the hardest! And many a run i felt dishearted as im a slow🐢🏃🐢 runner but I would read all the posts & the encouragement kept me going 😊So everyone keep posting 😀👍😀👍

  • I think the speed issue is a good point, if it wasn't for reading here I might have gave up already because what I'm doing wasn't my idea of jogging let alone running🙄 But knowing slow is good has kept me going😀

  • Yes, it is good to check out how others are feeling and to know you're not alone in feeling daunted. I took and still take great heart from all the posts here from graduates and those still on the programme :)

  • It really is a great place isn't it? I've never come across such a lovely bunch of people😀

  • Everyone is so supportive here, I think because we all remember how we started off with feelings of great trepidation - well I know I did. We all want everyone to succeed at this and we are all grateful to those who willed us on!

  • Agree totally. Helpful and supportive.

  • Check out Irish-John's posts for amazing inspiration..oh and he has a great sense of humour too..😄

  • I did come across a couple of his replies, Lovely bloke, didn't I read he was leaving for a while but will be back? Or did I imagine that🤔 Anyway I'll definitely check him out👍

  • Hiya, yes Irish-John isn't able to post at the moment, but his journey was brilliant, really life changing.

  • Ooh I notice you are a jalapeno lover. So am I! I grow them. I think I eat a chilli every day. Maybe that's the secret to being a better runner. Put a little heat under it! Vroooooooooooooooom

    Yeah, you're right. Some great posts here, and always tons of encouragement

  • I grow them too, and other varieties 😀 Love them, they go in everything from curry, chilli to omelettes😆 I freeze them so I always have a supply of little flavour bombs at the ready😀

  • I dry or freeze them. They get even hotter when dried!! The frozen ones keep their colour.

    I want to have a go at making chipotle from fresh purple jalapeno, which involves cold smoking. Was going to try it using my Kettler barbecue as a smoker. Not done it before but sounds like fun. Well, you have to have something to do on non-run days

    It's time to think about sowing this year's crop!

  • On it already👍 Nearly ready to prick out jalapeño , habanero , lemon drop and prairie fire. Plus over wintered a few. My son smokes salmon in a little bbq, over jack Daniels wood chips, yummy😀

    Back to Irish John , wow, he's a prolific poster, that'll keep me out of mischief for a while😀 Thanks for reminding me about him 👍

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